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  What happens when you find yourself in that  "lost mode of sewing?   Where do you find  that ability to return it?  Do you find yourself missing that buddy/friend that kinda comes up missing on SW?


 I find that when I get into one of those modes, I  just need a break from  sewing. Usually time off ,will replenish the "want to" again. I can  go to my sewing room to clean or look through my sewing stash, and once again the  mind starts flowing with things I can make or do..And soon, I am back at it again..


   But ..when this fails  to work.... There's nothing like that buddy/friend , who sends you that message  and helps you to return. When things seem drab ,sometimes , that wonderful  friend can help you pop right out of  that "no sewing mojo".


  When I miss a familiar face on SW , for a little while.. At first, I think they are just really busy..or they need  some time off..but the mama in me....soon starts to worry about them.. And I just  have to check on  them..just to be sure EVERYTHING is ok!!!!

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Hey Cathe and Charolette t.

 you two girls are out of the hot seat.. You are cleared by sewing maw can watch

project runway..

  I watched it last night. I loved it!! Now..I cant wait until next week..ha I cant wait to discuss the "awful" looking pants ..but.I know Cathe cant watch until have to hold off ,until she sees it..Dont want to ruin it for her.ha ..But trust me..they were AWFUL!!!!! Ha.



Haha, see it's addictive! Oh I can't wait aweful pants sounds so interesting in a really bad way!
Have ya'll seen the pants yet??? Cant wait until you watch the we can discuss the "pants". A barrel of laughs for sure.
I commented on the other forum topic but the pants, the stilts why oh why???

Judy what did you hate and what did you love? I'm guessing not the pants! Haha!
tee hee, so fun, I am catching up on old series because I didn't know it existed until now, LOVE LOVE LOVE it x

no - it is FAB, it should be on prescription for low sew mojo x


Is there anywhere online you can get project runway? I can't find it on any of my channels although I have seen it on in the past. I'd like to watch it from the beginning. 

Its a shame there aren't ANY other sewing programmes on TV in the uk. I wish there was a sewing and craft channel you could pay for or something. 

Also if you youtube Gertie. There is a couple of bits she's filmed for different craft companies. They are quite good inspiration.

Since I don't have cable I download it from the istore onto my iPad, sadly it is always a day after it airs but that seems like a small inconvenience for the pleasure of PR.


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