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  What happens when you find yourself in that  "lost mode of sewing?   Where do you find  that ability to return it?  Do you find yourself missing that buddy/friend that kinda comes up missing on SW?


 I find that when I get into one of those modes, I  just need a break from  sewing. Usually time off ,will replenish the "want to" again. I can  go to my sewing room to clean or look through my sewing stash, and once again the  mind starts flowing with things I can make or do..And soon, I am back at it again..


   But ..when this fails  to work.... There's nothing like that buddy/friend , who sends you that message  and helps you to return. When things seem drab ,sometimes , that wonderful  friend can help you pop right out of  that "no sewing mojo".


  When I miss a familiar face on SW , for a little while.. At first, I think they are just really busy..or they need  some time off..but the mama in me....soon starts to worry about them.. And I just  have to check on  them..just to be sure EVERYTHING is ok!!!!

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Hi Stevie, I so understand, I have been battling the "losing weight thing" all summer.It is rough.. Just keep on keeping on..

  I have found that I can wear the majority of the dresses ,that I have made during the summer. some I have had to take in on the side a little.. but the vintage style dresses..kinda go with the weight loss. And it feels SOOOOOOOO good,to put on something and its too big.ha

  I have been a little lax ,the last few weeks..I am at a standstill. and so I have been cheating a good bit..At least ,I havent gained any back, just maintained where I am at.. So...I need to get started again..

  Good luck and I will be thinking about you. and hope the sewing mojo returns soon.

pArt of why I sew is my husband likes to see me in girly, fun things and I get so discouraged in the stores- I'm in that 'too fat for fun' retail size I suppose. So the sewing makes me feel pretty, even tho I'm not the size 4 I was in school- does that make sense?
Personally I think you are perfect and love what you sew. Size should not be any part of the discussion, fun is for everyone! So good for you!

Anne, I haven't been in a retail size 4 since I hit puberty!  Since I've learned a bit about fit, I've also learned there is just no way anything at the stores will fit me properly - my proportions are just different from their standard pattern model.  The irony is if I lose weight I'll be even further from retail-made "standard" as there is no moving my waist nor changing the hipbone structure.


Don't use retail pattern models as a standard to hold yourself to ... they work with a demographic "average" that very few women actually fit.  Back when my sister was a model, she used to grump about retail clothes not looking right on HER too (compared to clothes Mom sewed for her).

Oh Anne, I so understand how you feel. But remember your not" too fat for fun"...You are great!!!  I am so proud we can sew and make what we like..that is wonderful and fun.. and I think it is so addictive,ha.  I  was always tiny,tiny in school and even into marriage and having children. I tease my family and tell them..its the hospitals fault. I worked as Respiratory Therepist for 25 yrs. I was all over the I eat with everyone.They taught me to And I discovered ,I liked it.

           Happy sewing  the girly fun things...

Hey Stevie,

When I read this I thought wow where have you been, I miss you. I love your latest post, such a beautiful dress and I thought you looked more svelt then ever. I hope you shake the funk, you are missed!

Aww Thanks Cathe. I have loads of stuff going on and hopefully I can finish off the top and cardigan i'm doing at the moment really soon. I keep cutting stuff too big and then its taking me ages to do alterations.

I think my Bombshell dress is going to be a long time coming. The alterations I have to do are insane and I'm stuck in the fitting stages. Maybe I need another quick fix project to post up about!

I did a little yesterday so after Pilates today the Sewjo is returning!

Hey Judy


I would love to get sewing again, you won't believe this, my sewing machine is still not working right. Ithink that is why I am so low at the moment. I don't feel I can join in much here with the chat when I am doing nothing at all sewing-wise. I have been to sewing class tonight and I have an action plan:

1. I am ringing the machine engineer tomorrow. I am going to ask his advice but refuse to pay out any more money on the machine (I paid £45 for it to be "fixed" last month). If he can fix it, fine. But no throwing more money at it.

2. If he can't fix it I am having a new machine for my birthday. I am going to go to a nearby town (35 miles away) next week that has a sewing machine shop. I will not buy another internet machine - I would rather pay a bit more and have their support.

3. My teacher says I can use her machine at the class next week and then borrow it for a couple of weeks as she is on holiday.


All this means no item again this week. I am half way through a dress. It will have to wait until either the machine is fixed OR I have bought a new one OR I have borrowed Kate's.


I feel bad because I haven't even been looking much at what everyone else is doing these past couple of weeks, I am so down about my lack of progress. But thank you Judy for asking and messaging me, it was so thoughtful of my sewing maw, you are so lovely and thoughtful. And I was very cheered up to see Cathe and Diane on the "Big Site" the last couple of weeks.


Stevie, good luck with the weight loss! Hope it is going super well.... thinking good things for you and sending you positive vibes.


OK, while I am here I'm off to see what everyone is up to and cheer myself up with all your makes xxx

Hi Sweet Charolette,

 I am sooo sorry your machine is not fixed.I dont blame you..if  the repairmen can't fix it, I would not , pay him more.. Sounds like you have good plans in focus.. A new one [from a local dealer] for your birthday would be great!!! Nothing like sewing on a new machine..Runs like a dream..

  Nothing is more discouraging than ,trying to sew a garment and having to work on the machine every few minutes to get it to sew...SOOOOO frustrating..

   Dont feel bad..we miss you and your sweet chats..We just look forward to when you  get a machine fixed or a new one and show off some more cute stuff..


Awwww Charlotte as they say " this really sucks" or on a more polite note, I'm so sorry and how darn aggravating.

Either way we really miss you!

Thank you Cathe and Judy you have made me cry this morning you are both so lovely. I am going to make a big effort to get a machine sorted so I can get back to it. My dress is so nearly finished, I really want to get back to it! xxx

Now crying allowed!!!  just joy and fun..hahahha.. we are ready to get our School teacher back on board.. and teach us our language barrier..tooooo much fun. PLUS----your fantastic..

Good luck on the machine..either new or old??? Keep us posted...Cant wait to see the dress "whenever" its finished.. Dont worry ,no time limit..we will be happy to see it..whenever???its finished.. happy sewing from Charolette's Sewing Maw.


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