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So, as I prepare for my sewing plans in 2012, I want to go through a lot of my leftover fabric from this year.  I find that my main problem is that I have a lot of fabric under 2 or 1 yard... but still enough that I feel guilty just throwing it away.  Do you have this problem? What do you do with your fabric leftovers?  

I could figure out some garments with the under 2 yards, but when it comes to 1.5 or less, sometimes I feel like I'm just storing scraps with no idea of what to do with it.  I'd love to hear your suggestions or ideas.  


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Ohhh thanks for the tip! I just entered the giveaway :)

Honestly, I don't save them all.  I use them for doll clothes and other small things.  I use leftover knits for my daughters panties.  I also do a bit of applique but I just don't save every little chard.  I also drop scraps off at our local kids museum has a fashion design area where kids glue bits of fabric to paper dolls so they can always use pretty bits of fabric.

I give them to Goodwill. They package them up with other people's scraps and put them on sale for quilters for $1.

I have gotten into Freecycling recently. I suggest you look up the group for your city and offer up the fabric that you don't want/need/can't use. I've seen some of everything listed. Things you would never suspect someone would want are snapped up. I have picked up twice so far. Now I've gotten three killer pairs of boots for free, a few things for my pre-teen and some odds and ends to re-purpose for dolls making and other small crafts. I'm planning to gather up some unwanted fabric to offer in the new year.

A quick update... I went through my fabric stash and cleaned everything out.  I wanted to end 2011 with a clean(er) craft room.

I resorted the fabric I had purchased for projects earlier in the year, scraps from completed projects, etc.  I sorted them into 3 yds or more, 1.5-3 yds, and anything under 1.5yds including scraps.  

I feel like I have a much better handle on what I have!  I printed out the pillowcase dress pattern so I can make some items for charity, and I requested both one-yard-wonders books from the library.  I also want to make some sewing notions (covers for pattern weights, tailor's ham, etc) which will help with using up the little scraps.  

Thanks for the suggestions and I'm going to keep implementing them into my fabric usage!

Hi Christine, so proud you got your fabric sorted.That is always a nice accomplishment.. And also proud

you found the pillowcase dress sight.. Happy sewing.

Thanks to this post, I got my butt in gear and organized my craft room! I purged some fabric and arranged the room in a more functional way. I love the result! Thanks for the inspiration!

Glad this could help! Once I got going, I just wanted to keep organizing it until I had it sorted for all possible projects.  It just makes it so easy to 'plan my next move.'  And it helped me to line up a few projects so that I don't risk falling into sewing limbo. Woohoo!

 I have been using old scraps of jersey and knits to make fingerless gloves. They are very popular here this winter.

You can see what I mean here:

I have th same problem, but now that one of my best friends from college is now a surgical resident, I plan to take all my scraps and sew her surgical caps! :)

Also, while I was in Iraq some people would send us these cooling pack neck tie things we loved, or quilts. Handkerchiefs are useful over there too because we sweat a lot. Come up with a project to send to the troops! :)

I am new to sewing after getting a sewing machine for Christmas. I joined freecycle looking for fabric to help get some built up to practice and make small projects with so I think that is a great idea for unwanted fabric. Living in the small town surrounded by small towns it is very hard to find reasonable fabric around here.  I have started searching the internet for so good buys.

I store lots of small amounts of fabric too and have been giving some of it to friends when I ask myself "why did I buy that?"  I make a lot of bags and purses so smaller yardages come in handy.  They are also good for toys, headbands, dog toys, and baby items.  


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