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So, as I prepare for my sewing plans in 2012, I want to go through a lot of my leftover fabric from this year.  I find that my main problem is that I have a lot of fabric under 2 or 1 yard... but still enough that I feel guilty just throwing it away.  Do you have this problem? What do you do with your fabric leftovers?  

I could figure out some garments with the under 2 yards, but when it comes to 1.5 or less, sometimes I feel like I'm just storing scraps with no idea of what to do with it.  I'd love to hear your suggestions or ideas.  


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I save my left over bits to one day make a beautiful, layered, heirloom crazy quilt. A friend of mine had one of these growing up, and it was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. I also like that I can point back and go "I remember the dress/ shirt/ skirt/ pant/ I made with that fabric."

I've got a big, drawstring, fabric sack which is now FULL of leftovers from  a whole year, ie: 50 Sew Weekly projects - maybe I'll make a Sew Weekly quilt to remind me of the mad year I spent sewing!  (Still plan to participate in future projects though ...) 

I have so much fabric I have decided once I have made something I am not holding onto scraps (unless I totally love it).  My local PreSchool are always grateful for fabric scraps which they kids use for craft.  With fewer people sewing - they don't get many donations.  Bigger bits I donate to my charity shop - where people always buy them.  I do have a lovely thrifted quilt made from 60's and 70's cotton dress fabrics which is amazing, but because I sew such a variety of fabric it woulden't work for me.

If the scraps are small I use them for testing my serger, since it can be a little unpredictable. I also like to make decorative pillows, zippered pouches, little plush toys, bibs and that sort of thing for gifts, the leftovers come in handy. I feel badly throwing leftovers out, so I try to use as much as I can...or giving them to a school or charity.

 I save all my scraps.. I have 5 grandchildren and I am always doing applique on their clothes..Also, the grandkids love to  get in my scraps and make things..Makes for good rainy day fun.

 If I have 3/4 yd or 1 yd peices , I put them in a reserved box.I make pillowcase dresses for needy kids around

the world..

  I also...envision doing lots of quilts 'SOMEDAY?'.

I love the idea of the pillow case dresses!  Do you have a pattern that you use for them or an organization that you primarily donate to?

Hi Christine,

   I make them for different people..I have done for the recently hit ,devasated poor area here in Ms.. that was hit and destroyed by tornado,  My dauhter in laws uncle is missionary and goes to Haiti pretty often, and he takes them.

  I also have sent to Little Dresses for Africa..[Rachel's corner]. This lady is fantastic, she takes any dresses you make and send her, and gets them to Africa and other countries in need. If you will go to her sight, she gives instructions on making them [real simple].

Judy, What great ideas you have. I have only one little girl myself as you know and always love sewing things for her. Now I can sew for LOTS of little girls. This made my day. I was in the same boat as Christine as to do with all my "scraps". Going to look up these sights as soon as I get home from work today.


Thankyou  Casandra..

 It is such a blessing to be able to help children in other countries that are truly not as fortunate as us. Hope you have lots of fun with your scraps...


 just google Rachel's Corner or Dresses for Africa. ..It should pull it for you. If you have trouble finding the sight, just let me know and I will email the sight to you. Merry Christmas.

I printed out the details and the templates for making the dresses.  I think this is going to be a great use for some of my leftover fabric.  I also found a teacher donation organization that's nearby (RAFT) that accepts scrap fabrics.  I think it's time for a deep cleaning of my sewing room!

You guys are awesome! I didn't expect so many ideas!  I do have a lot of it stored, but I think part of my problem is that it's all combined with my project fabric, scraps intermingle with larger amounts, etc. Sounds like I need an area for little scraps, under 2 yards, and then my regular project stash.  I need to check out the 1 yard wonders book too.  I looked at it when I first started sewing, but maybe now that I have a stash of bits and pieces collected, it'll prove more useful.


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