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So, as I prepare for my sewing plans in 2012, I want to go through a lot of my leftover fabric from this year.  I find that my main problem is that I have a lot of fabric under 2 or 1 yard... but still enough that I feel guilty just throwing it away.  Do you have this problem? What do you do with your fabric leftovers?  

I could figure out some garments with the under 2 yards, but when it comes to 1.5 or less, sometimes I feel like I'm just storing scraps with no idea of what to do with it.  I'd love to hear your suggestions or ideas.  


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I have no wise words as I even have a scrap bag for small pieces. I only throw away bits smaller than, say, pocket sized, in case I need them. (I don't usually, ha!) A piece a whole yard size would never be thrown away. I wish I could because then my house would be much tidier!


So all I can do is sympathise.....

I have a scrap box too, for apliques. I like to use nice leftover pieces for pockets. Children clothes use little fabric and bags. If there are a similar quality you could use them as lining for other garnments.  I love to sew hats, they use very little fabric too. Or if you have some time left before christmas you could use up some fabric for gift bags, my mum loves them because you can reuse the every year and she hates wrapping gifts. There is a book called "one yard wonders", haven't read it but maybe you can get it at your libary. I'm going to be back with some links :-)

And belts of course and pillows and aprons. Or use diffrent fabrics for one skirt like Kazz did some time ago.

I always forget about aprons! That's a great idea!

I use for crafts and appliqués ... Even the little bits I keep to make scrap pin cushion ... Xx

I have made a scrap pincushion and tailor's ham.  Maybe I'll make some more as gifts for crafty friends. I definitely have enough scraps for it!

Depending on the width of the fabric anything thinner than 1" goes into my "future stuffing" bag.  Anything wider than 1" goes into my scraps bag.  With those scraps I've made quilting squares, bias tape, and whenever I needed a test strip for my machine, it comes from there!

Here's a project I completed with scraps:

In the quilted coasters you can see scraps from my pajama pants project, pockets from my Batik skirt, etc...

Thanks for the link! I'm definitely going to use that. It's perfect for some of the smaller bits that I have.  You have all motivated me to get working on sorting my scrap stash.

I almost never throw away any fabric, only the tiniest little scraps. I store small pieces for future quilts and or patchwork (I'm currently saving a lot of silky thin ones in the hope of making a hippie blouse out of loads of different fabrics!). The bigger ones are very usable for making contrasting cuffs, belts or collars for new projects, or for covering buttons. Contrasting those can look really great! Depending on fabric width, the leftovers that are a whole yard can be made into a cute little summery top, slim short skirt or, combining two different ones, a nice two-colored shift dress! 

I never throw away. I love quilting although I never seem to get round to it these days, but it's all there waiting for me. x x x

I love pillows.  I use the too small scraps to stuff pillow forms, and anything larger gets made into a scrappy yoga bag/pouch/sewing machine cover/stuffed animal/eyeglass case.  I definitely use larger scraps as linings and whatnot - I like knowing the inside of my clothes are as fun as the outside!

I love the idea of using them for pillow stuffing! And I thought of it last night (as I feel like I'm never warm enough in my house during the winter... I'm a lightweight) I want to make some of those draft things for doors and the scraps could be a good stuffing for those too.


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