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I have to admit I hate Ironing!

To the point my garments often can go through construction without even seeing an iron since pre-wash. It gets on my nerves, i'm not sure why

What bit of sewing do you find the most tedious? Which bit would you rather your little imaginary sewing elf could do for you in your sleep?


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I will second that and extend it!  I hate it when you grade stuff and it A) Is still too small or B) ends up miles too big so you have to take it in and waste fabric!
Preparing pattern pieces and cutting out is the most tedious part of sewing for me but it has to be done and it has to be done well. I don't mind hemming but I'm not very fond of sewing in zippers.
I don't really *like* ironing, but I think it's a really important step, so rarely skip it. My least favorite task is sewing muslins and making pattern alterations. I have to do it, but grumble the entire time!
I hate ironing finished garments, but love having the iron on when in the process of sewing.  Most tedious would be the tracing of a pattern and cutting out. I just want to start pushing material through the machine.
Hem are my nightmare and hand sewing
While I don't like ironing or cutting out fabric, the bit I really detest is cutting off all the little thread ends after finishing a garment. There's always one that I manage to miss somehow. I've even tried doing it as I go along and I still can't stand it!

I hate ironing! I have a teeny dorm style ironing board that doesn't even have legs that will stay up properly so it's on the floor. :( I'm trying to do better about actually ironing when I'm supposed to.....


I also hate doing muslins! So much work and there really aren't any physical rewards during that portion of the project. I certainly don't do one for every project and reserve my patience for special projects or features that I know will have fitting issues.


I also hate having threads and bits of fabric everywhere. I don't have a designated sewing space, so I have to clean a lot during the sewing process. My robe is completely covered in threads! They don't come off in the wash and I'm just too lazy to pick them off individually.

Hi all!

I hate sorting out the pattern pieces! So tedious!


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