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I have to admit I hate Ironing!

To the point my garments often can go through construction without even seeing an iron since pre-wash. It gets on my nerves, i'm not sure why

What bit of sewing do you find the most tedious? Which bit would you rather your little imaginary sewing elf could do for you in your sleep?


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Hemming. It can make or break the final garment so you have to be very careful. The worst part is that if you do it really well, it is unnoticeable ( except maybe to other seamstress) but if you mess it up, the whole garment goes down the drain.

I would rather embellish the clothes - by adding appliques, doing running hand-stitches, adding a bias tape etc.


Ditto. Hemming is the worse especially withe anything close to a circle skirt.
I don't mind ironing, but hate cutting out the fabric.  It makes my back hurt, even with a dedicated cutting table.

Cutting out! I'm with Farah, back ache , ugh. I also don't really like finishing seams (zigzagged on my machine), it's a pain.


Stevie, I quite like pressing the seams, makes them all lovely. Is that a bit sick?


Camomma, I like hemming by hand, as it is the last thing and I am excited about finishing. Plus, it's an in front of the telly activity ;0)


I must be weird!

It's things to do with the sewing machine - running out of thread on the spool underneath and not realising until I'm half way down the seam.  I hate having to unthread the machine to put more thread on the spool.  My thread also has a habit of 'jumping off' that little bit of machinery above the needle that moves up and down and my stitching then comes abruptly to a halt, having to then re-thread - maybe it's the type of thread I'm using ...    
that totally happens to me and it is super annoying!!!
this makes me crazy...because it always runs out in the front of the garment or when I'm trying to do something decorative...and then it's just not as pretty. 
Cutting, for sure. And redoing stuff because I didn't do it right the first time around. I love doing those final bits of hand sewing.

Cutting was my most unhappy moment but I have come to terms with it.


My biggest downer is when pieces don't match up properly and the struggle to get it right, not sure if it's tedious or just down right frustrating.



  I really hate ironing...really HATE it..but I do it anyway.. as I sew.. I go to the ironing board and iron the seams as I go..Dreading it all the way.ha

   Also, agree with Cathe, so frustrating..when you sew a garment together ,,and discover the seams dont meet...oooh.. How bad,,I want to say an ugly word!!!!ha

  Happy Sewing.

 I must add........... [and I cant believe I forgot the worse,worse part of sewing]  I HATE  grading patterns.. Oh.. what frustration.. Vintage patterns that have a tenny tiny waiste.yuk yuk..


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