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Hi - I'm Hattie, a newbie to sewing and blogging.


I can oogle over all the amazing projects out there for [literally] hours but then I must admit I get a bit depressed that I am no where near ready to make any of them yet! 

I've made pincusions, a sewing machine cover, curtains, sewn greeting cards and an apron. Can you think back to what other simple (yet challenging) and satisfying beginner projects you started out doing? I'd love to hear from you and take on some new projects! Any tips for beginners, techniques or free patterns would also be awesome!

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Hi Hattie,

An A-line skirt with either a side or back zipper and a facing at the waist instead of a waistband. Very easy and satisfying and doesn't use much fabric, and shouldn't cause any major fitting issues. As you gain confidence you can make heaps of variations with trims, pockets etc. I think it's the perfect beginner project.


Thanks Casey! I actually just recently found an 'easy level' A-line skirt pattern that I definitely think I will be trying this...especially after your reply/advice.  Once I do, I'll post pics!

A-lines are super-easy to start with, so you should definitely give it a go!  :-)


I've got two small recommendations to add to what Casey said above - put the zipper in the back as if you need to adjust around the waist and hips having a side zipper makes that a lot harder and as a beginner you may not know what adjustments to make until you've got the zipper already set in.


Also, don't start with fabrics that are particularly heavy, slippery, or stretchy, as you'll find you have to wrestle with them a bit.  Basic cotton drills are very good to start with, or a lightweight tightly woven wool or blend.  :-)

Yep, I'm staying away from zippers for at least a little while longer !:)
Wrap skirts and dresses.  They are easy to construct and nice because they don't have any traditional fastenings.  A pullover blouse  or a peasant top is good, too. :)

A Wrap or Elastic Waist band skirt is what I'm going to attempt this week. :) WISH ME LUCK!


   Sending you lots of Good Luck and Wishes for a really great skirt.. KNow you will do great..Look

forward to seeing your skirt...and many more.

I completely agree with Sarah's suggestions here.  I just made a peasant top which I plan to post pics of here soon.  As a beginner to garment sewing even it called for 2 buttonholes for the drawstring and I had to seek help for that.  I'm really glad I did though because now I can stop avoiding patters with buttons!
ok this may not be a very vintage looking pattern but it is really easy, looks great too. I have made all of the tops dress and two sets of trousers.
Love this pattern Charlotte, I might hunt it doen and give it a go too. Thankyou.

This is exactly the type of pattern I would like to try soon - I'm hoping my Walmart has it! Thanks for the suggestion!


Charolette, this is a really cute pattern.  but you always come up with cute patterns


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