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Does anyone know what the next few weekly themes are?

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June 11: TV Inspired: Based on a character from tv, past or present Tag:TV
June 18: On Holiday: Vacation wear Tag: Vacation
June 25: On Trend: Summer 2012 Fashion Trends TAG: OnTrend
July 2: Color Challenge Red White And/Or Blue: Use them all or just one TAG: RedWhiteBlue


How do you know this?  Where should I be looking? My homepage still shows May's challenges.  Thanks!


my page also shows May!!! Contributors get to know in advance.

I asked one of the contributers and they sent me the info.  I have been invited to be a contributer, but whenever I go to the registration page it says something about not accepting new registrations at the moment.



Thanks so much for the info.  Used to be on the home page, but I haven't found it lately. 

I've noticed that it hasn't been up-dated for a while too.  I was invited to be a contributer, but when I go to the regestration page it says it regestration isn't available at the moment.


Thanks to the people that are keeping us updated. I like to plan ahead! Plus, my welcome page are challenges from May :(

What about the next few weeks? Do we know what is after this week?


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