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Wardrobe Essentials - Stitcher's Embracing the Slow Clothes Movement

Thanks to Charlotte and her discussion about the Slow Clothes Movement I started thinking again about something that has always been of interest to me.  Reducing waste and making a statement about unfair labor practices that bring us cheap and disposable clothing.


So, with that in mind I had an idea:  Not a challenge or a competition, but a new approach to how we sew and use materials.   The following are the highlights of my thought process:


1) Take into consideration your lifestyle and your "palette", as it were.  Plan projects based on what will get the most mileage.

2) Use fabric or notions you already have in your stash, maybe even lay out your fabric for inspiration.

3) Refashion old items or shop at thrift stores (charity shops for you UK people) with an eye of someone that knows they can 'make it better'. 

4)Use those patterns!  We all know we horde!  And remember you don't have to do it EXACTLY like the cover says.  Try it with a different sleeve than what is shown.  All the big 4 since 1972 have been standardized.  You can probably use pieces from another pattern with just a little more effort.

5)If inspiration hits and you just need to make something crazy fabulous don't squash the bug.  This is still about creative outlet.  The goal here is to make ourselves more conscious about what we are sewing.  


To Make it an Ongoing effort:

 a) Post here what you think your lifestyle needs in way of Essentials.

b) Lets break it up into Seasons.  Make sure to let us know which Hemisphere you are in!

c) Look to SewWeekly, your support community! I think it would be great if we could even 


I think it would be awesome if we could make a button to put on our profiles or websites.  I could take a stab at it, but it might take me a week or so.  So how about everyone else?  I would love feedback on this idea!

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I like it too!
Wow, these are all great button ideas!
So I've started obsessively going through all my fabrics to reorganize them.  I've put all my silks in sealed container under the bed with cedar blocks.  Starting on the 'easy access' shelf.  Already I'm finding stuff I don't remember having. OH BOY! I have a lot of fabric. I'm working on a blog post and hopefully a button as well.  I'm playing around with settings on my camera maybe I can get one I can use as a base photo. :D  (I like the ones made so far, not trying to usurp anyone)
Woooo! You've already begun!!! I wait until monday to organize my stash, and I guess I'll have surprises too!!!! ^^ Can't wait to see your buttons! :p

Alright, my photoshop skills are still developing, but here is what I came up with, large and small:

You should add some shadow to the text 'cause it can't be read properly, especially in the small version.
I kept trying to figure out how to do the drop shadow in the text box.  I forgot to save it as a .psd file so I don't have to start from scratch.  I think the ones the other ladies did are wonderful and we should use those instead anyway. :)

This is similar to what I've challenged myself to do already! I am not buying any RTW clothing until Christmas and I am on a partial fabric ban. For every 3 pieces I use, I can buy one new one!

I am trying to make things I'm more likely to wear rather than a million 50's style dresses! 

Stevie, I'm right in your camp too. I just want to be really thoughtful about what I make and spend the time I need. I love all the lovely things shown here but I rarely wear  dresses, it just doesn't work in the frigid tundra or the frigid work air conditioned environment. So, YAY to being thoughtful!

I feel so bad to admit I am such a consumist... but i am getting better with my choices  as before I would be buying anything that took my fancy without really thinking about it... I am now only buying statement pieces that are timeless . Is that growing up?  I dont really know... because I still feel urge to shop. I am also trying to be better with the enviroment.. using producs without parabens ( Body shop does amazing products) but I not sure i can be more than admire you all for this great attitude to life. Maybe one day I will be able to just let it go of frivilous shopping !

congratulations to you all !

I finally managed to make my color pallette, it is still lots of colors, the size represents how much I wear a color.

I would like to something similar for styles since I'm not really sure what my style is. I really would like to have some sort of concept for what I sew, I tend to get carried away by my insperation and then still not to know what to wear when I leave the house. Any ideas how to visualize style?


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