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Hi fellow seamstresses,


I'm thinking about purchasing my first vintage pattern and I was wondering if anyone could just give me a little pointer about sizing.  I'm pretty much a size 10 in modern patterns (32 inch bust).  Does that mean I need to look for 32 inch bust in a vintage pattern, regardless of the size, or should I take the rest of my measurements into account as well?




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Yes, but make sure your waist and hips are matching the envelope size (hopefully it gives you that information) or plan on making alterations to your pattern. Body shapes must have been different back in the day!
Thanks, Cathe!  I'll make sure to pay attention to all of the measurements!

It depends on how vintage your vintage is. The further back I go the further out the measurements are from my "modern" bodyshape. With 70s and 80s (yes, some people think of that as vintage -scary!) I find the sizing pretty much the same as now so don't need to do much ajusting


I tend towards styles from the 40s and 50s always find I have to play a game of mix-match with the bust and waist measurements as I am a typical British pear shape - small on top (UK10) but fuller hips and waist (UK12).  If the waist fits the bodice will be huge but if the bust fits the waists are tiny - and, although I love the clothes, I don't fancy wearing 40s style corsetry all day.   I usually try to add a couple of inches at the waist - just following the original curve of the pattern pieces. That usually works out.

Its well worth the little bit of extra work for the unique results at the end though.


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