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Using Cotton-Blend (but not knit) Fabric with a Pattern Intended for Knits

Has anyone every use a pattern that states preferred fabric choice as "knits" to make something out of cotton? I'm thinking of using Simplicity 3503 because it has  EXACTLY the shape and lines I envision a long halter topped maxi dress, but the fabric I have is some sort of cotton blend (it's flowy vs. stiff, but definitely does not have the stretch of a knit).

Any thoughts? Is this even doable or am I totally crazy?  

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Patterns for knit fabrics don't usually work when sewn up woven fabrics for lots of reasons.   Knit fabrics obviously stretch more, things don't sit properly, ie they stand up when they are supposed to sit flat.  So you might find your garment may be tight.  You could test the pattern by making a toile in a cheap calico :)

Agree with Trish that it might be difficult.  Patterns made for knit fabrics don't ususally have darts so that would be an issue in the bust area.  I know of someone who made a pattern in woven fabric and cut it couple of sizes larger, but I would be concerned about the lack of darts.



The challenge will be if there's enough stretch to get in/out of the garment. I have used a stretch cotton in the past. I think this kind of cotton may work but you may need to add a zipper. Good luck.


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