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Using Cotton-Blend (but not knit) Fabric with a Pattern Intended for Knits

Has anyone every use a pattern that states preferred fabric choice as "knits" to make something out of cotton? I'm thinking of using Simplicity 3503 because it has  EXACTLY the shape and lines I envision a long halter topped maxi dress, but the fabric I have is some sort of cotton blend (it's flowy vs. stiff, but definitely does not have the stretch of a knit).

Any thoughts? Is this even doable or am I totally crazy?  

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I think the pattern that Mena actually did this week was intended for knits?  She mentioned something about going a size or two up.  I haven't tried it yet but had an 'ah-ha!' moment when I read that.  

Ah... I remember reading that now!

If you're using a knit on a pattern that isn't meant for stretchy fabrics you make a size smaller. If you are using something not stretchy on a knit pattern you make the size bigger. I've done it both ways a few times and it seems to work pretty good. I've had to make a few smaller alterations, but nothing to major.  

I imagine if I usually do a FBA, I should also do one on this pattern? 

Funny, I'm having exactly this dilemma with Simplicity 2947 - it's stretch knit but the fabric I love on sale in nearly this exact tropical print is linen.  But now that I've read this post, I may just take a dive (or make a muslin.  hmm...)

Ooo... I really like that neckline! Will you cut it a size larger, you think?

I'll cut the largest on the pattern, then do whatever it takes to get around the girls.  I make mock-ups from low-end fabric to make sure of pattern fit.  It's a different full-bust solution for each pattern, so far.  I didn't used to have to do this. Such a pain. I love the little sweetheart-ish bra shape, too!  The reason ditching the knit with this pattern *should* work is there are no darts: the bust cup is created by Piece 1, a side-ways bell-shape, being squinched together with some gathering at the center.   To my mind, a squinched bust cup is a squinched bust cup, regardless of fiber structure, depending, of course, on thickness and squish-ability of the material.  I guess I'll see and let you know.

I think it's doable. You will probably need a zipper and I would cut yours a little bigger and then adjust for fit. Some other problems I have had are the armholes and neck are too snug, so remember to watch for that.


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