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I think Mena mentioned that contributors find out what the upcoming challenges are a couple weeks ahead of time. I'm not a contributor, but I would love to know what's coming up next after buttons so that I can prepare. I keep seeing people toss around the Make This Look challenge, is that what's next? Thanks for the info!

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I live Down Under - do I do an Up Over garment that week :).


Sarah just joined today and very excited to join this challenge.

haha I guess that means you'll be making something for Winter? I just finished my 'Summer' outfit which was fun, but a tad chilly to take pictures in ;)

What do we do when we live somewhere with four seasons in one day on any given day?  Cause yesterday I was in shorts and a tank top and today it's coats and scarves and wooly sweaters!

Similarly, what to do when you live somewhere that's usually 65-75 degrees year round? I suppose it's winter right now, but most days I just wear my summer dresses with a cardigan and it's fine! I know, poor me, to not have seasons in Southern California ;)

I live in the South, but I am originally from Indiana where it is winter, so I'm making a summer dress!  :)

I'd say it has to do with the 'traditional' weather in your hemisphere...

Does that mean the Down Under project is this week?

Down Under starts Sunday - this week is all Made this Look.

Does anyone know what is coming up after this week's Oscar theme challenge?

I'd like to know too.  I've been delving into my stash for fabric, but sometimes I need to buy thread or a zip for instance.  Every time I go on my computer I have been hoping the next challenge is on display -  perhaps a contributer can tell us.

Next week:  Make Do, Make Anew

The following week: Pretty as a Picture – Creation inspired by art.


hope that helps x

Thanks Charlotte.  Is the 'Make Do, Make Anew" reworking either a previously made garment you don't like, or re-styling something from an op-shop - that kind of thing?

I'm afraid I don't know Sarah, that's all I know, I'm guessing a refashion of either would be good, all the themes are open to interpretation :)


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