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I think Mena mentioned that contributors find out what the upcoming challenges are a couple weeks ahead of time. I'm not a contributor, but I would love to know what's coming up next after buttons so that I can prepare. I keep seeing people toss around the Make This Look challenge, is that what's next? Thanks for the info!

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I've noticed that the Sewing Circle page hasn't updated this week, so what is happening next week hasn't been announced for the non-contributors, and there isn't a simple link to the 'buttons' tag yet.  It's sad :-(

I wonder if it has gotten a bit overwhelming for Mena with 130 contributors?

Yeah, I figure that Mena just has a lot on her plate with this new format. Also, maybe with everyone over on the contributor page, I wonder if the Sewing Circle activity will subside a bit.

Gosh, I hope not.  If it is only the contributors who applied in Dec it will discourage new members :-(  I hope the hiccups get worked out soon.

Next week is Make this Look. The week after that is DownUnder Theme (opposite season to you), and then it's UFO (unfinished object week) . Contributors can see them on the dashboard when they login into WordPress, but I also assume that Mena hasn't had time to update the community section of the site. Cheers!

Thanks so much. I wanted to know the themes and continuously was logging on to see the update on the community page, but there was none :( .... For "make this look" are you to use the "make this look" that has been uploaded or do your own look?

I already have the perfect opposite season dress!

Thanks so much Megan for the help.

Hey Claire, you can choose whatever you want for the make this look, so no need to just stick to the mtl  on the site.

Ooooh the wheels are turning now! What to make? Not sure if I will be able to finish the make this look because I would like to finish the button dress (now I am finally feeling better) even though it will be a little late. I am excited for the down under look though!

I have to pike out on this one ( and It would be my first one).  want to finish a dress for my grandaughter before she grows out of it.  Procrastination is a family trait - my Mum still has cut out anoraks in a drawer she was making for me and my brother when we were 6 and 4 - I'm 48.  She thought she might make them for grand-children - she didn't.  Now she's a great grandma and they're still sitting in the drawer!  I'll post pictures of this project anyway.  This site has definitely got my sewing mojo back!

I meant the 'make this look' challenge.


Thank you! We used to be able to see the contributors creations too, but this week it says unauthorised every time I look :(


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