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UK meet up: one week to go tomorrow! Have you got an outfit yet?

UK girlies, in a week tomorrow we will meet at last! I am so excited that I will get to meet you all...


My plans to make a dress are finally underway after stalling for several weeks, thank goodness, and I just spent half an hour going through my patterns and picking out some to swap...


Are you excited? Are you ready?


See you very soon, Cxxx


PS If you are in the UK and have no idea what I am talking about, please look at the threads in Meet and Greet to find out more about our meet up next Sat (14th May) in London, you would be very very welcome to join us

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It's not finished Judy! Still time for the body paint ;0)


Just the lining and the hem to finish... busy night tomorrow, but it'll be worth it on Saturday, can't wait


Hope you have a good UK meet, in your corner of a foreign field that will be England on Saturday, I have your parcel all ready to share (reluctantly!) with the UK girls, we will have a draw xxx

Have fun.. .

UK Ladies meeting up tomorrow - very jealous not to be joining you - hope you have a lovely day!!  I think us Aussies need to start working something out in the near future!!  Lots of tea and scones from us , Trish x
OK, I got me a dress :-)))  Thank goodness for Crepe!
Jealous! I'm still not finished but what I have made fits me, just the lining and hem to do , eek!
Yea.. Crepe is wonderful, isnt it.. Proud you got it finished.Have fun Saturday..

You frightened me then Trish - it's only Thursday evening here so it's the day after tomorrow .... ;0)


Your time zone must be different! Thanks for the thought though xxx You should definitely do a down under meet!

I may have spoke too soon on the cardi front... My overlocker won't thread properly (Translated: I still don't remember how to thread it properly.) Plus the super slippy slightly expensive jersey is a pain in the ass to sew. Sleeves and collar plus finishing to go! Looks like I've got a busy night too Charlotte! x
Keep a calm head, your both nearly there! so excited x x x

More power to your elbow Stevie, I have handsewing to do tonight, I hope Debi's prophecy of hemming on the train doesn't come true!


Thanks Charlotte - see you tomorrow! So cool!

A big "have a great time" to all you lucky girls meeting up tomorrow. I know you will all have so much fun ...... and happy shoppi g! Looking foward to the photos!
thanks Debbie, wish you could be there too x


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