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UK meet up: one week to go tomorrow! Have you got an outfit yet?

UK girlies, in a week tomorrow we will meet at last! I am so excited that I will get to meet you all...


My plans to make a dress are finally underway after stalling for several weeks, thank goodness, and I just spent half an hour going through my patterns and picking out some to swap...


Are you excited? Are you ready?


See you very soon, Cxxx


PS If you are in the UK and have no idea what I am talking about, please look at the threads in Meet and Greet to find out more about our meet up next Sat (14th May) in London, you would be very very welcome to join us

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After a great deal of stressing over pattern and fabric choice, I'm starting mine today. I've been stressing far too much over it. This is supposed to be fun after all! ;)


Of course I'm going with the first pattern I had in mind for it but in a different fabric.


Please don't look too closely at my stitching on Saturday!

Have fun...dont stress.Know it will be beautiful. Hope all of you have a great day.

Crapsticks... I just checked the weather... Heavy Rain in Central London on Saturday. :( 

But sunshine over the V&A! At least we'll be indoors a lot of the time...
I've just checked out the weather and I have 3 sites telling me three different things... Heavy Rain/A Couple of Showers/Light Rain. I've given up trusting the forecasts they are rarely right.  But I will take a brolly anyway, just incase since white + rain = bad times!

@ Marie, you made me laugh, I too got really stressed about the outfit so (in a weird way) I am glad to hear of other people's issues, it makes me feel less silly. You are right, this IS meant to be fun!


@ the weather: i am shaking my fist angrily: be good!


Dress update: STILL not finished, after 2 hours at dressmaking class last night and quite alot of time with the "quick" unpick..... grrr

I just lay on the settee last night watching 'Two Greedy Italians', so no sewing done at all! Had a really busy day at work. Anyway, the Crepe is coming together ok so I should finish tonight.

Another Downer (sorry!) The Circle line is closed on Saturday! So make sure everyone knows how to get to the V&A without it, Its Annoying I was going on it now I have to re-route GRRR

Sewing wise, The skirt is done, (Just don't look at the zip) Its Hung ready for me to hem tomorrow. The Top I have decided to eradicate both the collar and the collar into sleeves. The fabric made them stick out like some strange Lady Gaga get up...

But other than that I'm pleased with the result. In light of the forecast I have just cut a quick wrap cardigan out of some expensive yummy Jersey I had in my stash thats blue. So hopefully I will have a cardi done to wear too! 


oh.. just so not  happy with my dress but not much time to change it...  ;o(
know the feeling .... I'm just glad mine fits! x

Yea... you have a finished dress. Proud .. Just think no need for body paint.hahahha.. Cant wait to Saturday..  I will be having my UK meet here..Thinking about each of you..Have fun... Hope it doesnt rain...

As much as I don't believe in the weather forecast I do think its going to rain at some point :( boooo!! (at least we can be prepared for it f it does rain though)


Does anybody else feel like they will be dressed up a little too much?


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