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UK meet up: one week to go tomorrow! Have you got an outfit yet?

UK girlies, in a week tomorrow we will meet at last! I am so excited that I will get to meet you all...


My plans to make a dress are finally underway after stalling for several weeks, thank goodness, and I just spent half an hour going through my patterns and picking out some to swap...


Are you excited? Are you ready?


See you very soon, Cxxx


PS If you are in the UK and have no idea what I am talking about, please look at the threads in Meet and Greet to find out more about our meet up next Sat (14th May) in London, you would be very very welcome to join us

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Hi Diane, you have done the worse part..cutting it out. The rest is so simple..goes by soooo quickly.. I think you will have a dress for the meet..and you won't need Charolette T's  body paint.hahaha

Hi Judy, you're right - it's going together like a dream.  Are all Collette patterns like that?  Just finished the bodice part ... only skirt and pockets to go now ..

Diane, I am sooooo amazed with the colette patterns..Every one I have simple and the instructions are all the easy to follow..  I just did the new violet blouse and it fits so good, and is sooooo comfortable..I cant keep it washed..I wear it so much.ha..

   I did the crepe dress. it was beautiful.. But it was a little big when I did it.. [colette patterns seem to be more giving,yea] anyway..It got really big ,since I have lost a few pounds..So.. I gave it away..I need to make me a new one.

   Cant wait to  see yours.

I love that pattern, I have made it twice and it's fab. Can't wait to see your version
Be post the pictures of  the "Body Paint"  dresses...if it should be any? hahahaha... we definitely want to see them.. Have fun.

tee hee thanks Judy, sadly for you my dress is nearly finished so the body paint shouldn't be needed!


I love your UK meet outfit by the way

I have a skirt Hoorahh!!!

Now I won't have to streak around the V&A !!!

Just in need of a hem and zip, then I will start on the top. None of the pattern matches but MEH!


Yay! only one more item to make and 3 full days to go, you can do that no problem.  I've finished mine, but I've just remembered I wanted to put pockets in it... sigh *trundles off to fetch the un-picker*



That's great Stevie, you are having a super busy week, well done you, hope it's worth all the effort and we have heaps of fun on Saturday xx

Its going well the top is pretty much there. It fits beautifully but I am having second thoughts on the collar. It makes a perfectly nice top look really dodgy 90s. I was contemplating going back to the fabric shop and picking up some plain white sateen but I'm not sure that will help it. I'm thinking since the collar is so massive I might make it into two sleeves. It should be finished by today I hope then I can get on with some more quick tops! For those who don't read my blog This is my fabric and the line drawing

Hope everyones sewing is going ok!!! SO exited! x

I love everything about this
Pretty Choice.. Love it.


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