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UK meet up: one week to go tomorrow! Have you got an outfit yet?

UK girlies, in a week tomorrow we will meet at last! I am so excited that I will get to meet you all...


My plans to make a dress are finally underway after stalling for several weeks, thank goodness, and I just spent half an hour going through my patterns and picking out some to swap...


Are you excited? Are you ready?


See you very soon, Cxxx


PS If you are in the UK and have no idea what I am talking about, please look at the threads in Meet and Greet to find out more about our meet up next Sat (14th May) in London, you would be very very welcome to join us

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I have my fabric but have yet to cut it out...still trying to finish next week's mother's day challenge....I joked with Charlotte that I may be hemming on the train....hehahehehe that is looking like it might be a distinct possibility :)  Either that or I'll be up late the night before and fall asleep on the train :)  I'm so excited, I've got the patterns for the swap all laid out...and I'm bringing a small roller suitcase, um, just in case I find some fabric to bring back with me :) teehee

YIPEE, I have finished today!! I love my top but it is to short in the body, but no time to change it! Also it is a 70s blouse and needless to say the collar is rather large lol. x x x x

I have been concidering getting one of those roller bag thing just for the occassion!

This is a great idea but the only one I have is one I bought at a charity shop for moving which is pink and has the girl from the incredibles on it... Not sure if that would be acceptable :P 


Why not?!  Happy Birthday for tomorrow by the way! 

oh I really think you should ha ha ha lol! x x x


great idea Debi -but do you mean a roller suitcase or actually a tartan shopping trolley???? Either way I will be jealous when you are wheeling your shopping back and I have orangutan arms carrying mine ;0)


@ Charlotte - finished? great news! I'll be the only naked one because I haven't finished then....







Now that I've got the month right - Have a wonderful time All. Enjoy the exhibition and spot a few bargains for the rest of us to marvel over. Happy Birthday Stevie too.

thankyou for the lovely Birthday messages! Ironically my boyfriend took me into London and as a suprise my parents were there to meet me, we went in Kensington Palace and then I went to see the cult of beauty exhibition at guess where? The V&A!!! I got a sneaky peak at the Yohji Yamamoto one. It looks pretty snazzy! 

Charlotte, You may not be the only one naked. After my hand in tomorrow I'm going to be sewing like a madwomen for 3 days straight trying to finish! x

Sounds like you've had a fab birthday :)

I'm sure you'll manage to finish in time - don't rush it though you'll spend more time with the un-picker than you do with the sewing machine, bad times!

Happy Birthday Stevie.. Hope you enjoyed the VA ... and Kensington Palace.Sounds wonderful... Have fun with the UK meet.

Glad you had a great birthday Stevie and got a sneak peak for Saturday...


I will buy some red, white and blue body paint just in case we need it ;oP


Best of luck with the hand in and the sewing x



Started sewing my Crepe this evening - have done the darts and the ties ...


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