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UK meet up: one week to go tomorrow! Have you got an outfit yet?

UK girlies, in a week tomorrow we will meet at last! I am so excited that I will get to meet you all...


My plans to make a dress are finally underway after stalling for several weeks, thank goodness, and I just spent half an hour going through my patterns and picking out some to swap...


Are you excited? Are you ready?


See you very soon, Cxxx


PS If you are in the UK and have no idea what I am talking about, please look at the threads in Meet and Greet to find out more about our meet up next Sat (14th May) in London, you would be very very welcome to join us

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I like surprises! I've liked everything else you have made so am excited to see what you come up with!

Are we having name tags on the day ?LOL 

I am terrible with names...

can do if you like - I have some plain stickers we could use, I'll bring them and then people can decide, good idea!


PS pehaps we could take them off for photos! might look a bit silly!

agreed !


I have everything cut out, the skirt for Plan B is pinned together. Just the top to do, But my birthday is Monday and I have a big hand in on tuesday so I think it may have to wait until wednesday!

My fingers are itching to get sewing!

If you wana see my progress so far Have a look on my blog

Who else is going to Victoria by the way and what time is everyone aiming to meet at the station for? If your going to Victoria Please Inbox me! xx

Happy birthday for Monday Stevie, hope you get your hand in done and still get time for celebrations, have fun, see you next Saturday! eep!
Oh Stevie, Happy Birthday! I hope it's a wonderful day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow....have a fabulous time and can't wait to meet you in London!!

 Well Girls... I am sooooooooooo excited too... I just cant wait either.. I have a  May 14 th package from a very sweet, sweet Uk girl.. And I am dying to open it..but I am  HOLDING on to it... On the 14 th ..I will open my package and I will be with you in heart.. and I will be anxiously awaiting  to hear all the details..[Charolette, dont you know,I will wear my computer out ,running back and forth and checking for info..hahhaha].

  have fun..enjoy your selves.. I will be thinking about each of you.. Friends, Judy

wish you could be with us Judy - then the day would be perfect. Maybe one day.... xx
Wow, the big day is almost here! This is so exciting! I really look forward to seeing all the pictures and the outfits you all make! Fun, Fun, Fun!

This is such a great idea to meet! You are are going to have a blast, the conversations you all will have!!

I'm sure we will be thoroughly boring about it afterwards with all our photos - never fear Cathe, lol .... it's just a shame our international friends can't join us, we will raise a glass to you all I'm sure, it should be quite quiet on here Saturday daytime from us UK girls... until we get home to our PCs!


Thanks for all your support, we need to have some international meets one day....


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