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UK meet on May 14th- The Statistics- attendees input required !

Sorry but Im a bit of a sucker for stats , so If you attendend this meetings  and have spare 5 mins, could you write me your answers for this questions and i will post the overral result of it.  Im sure will be fun !


1) in Km, how far have your travel to meet us?

2) How many hours did your outifit took to make ?

3) How many times you change something about your outifit- ei Fabric choices/patterns before you acrually completed your final garment?

4) Best overall oufit of the day?

5)Best shoes of the day?

6) Best hair/ styling of the day?

7) Best Fabric choice of the day?


thank u ! xx

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1. about 190 km by car and train and tube, total time taken a bit over 2 hours

2. omg about 17 (8 for messing with the pattern, the rest actually sewing), I am not counting the hours spent gnashing my teeth

3. I never changed my mind, I was hooked as soon as Debi suggested the Horrockses download, and I got the fabric

4. Oh, close call, I must admit I liked Debi's hood, Rachel's ruffle, Charlotte PB,s collar, Sofia's fabric, Lauren's top, Steph's polka dots, Stevie's fabric.... etc etc, everyone had some detail I liked, a cute print, ruching

5. Sofia's, obv

6. Debi's curls, Sofia's 40s hair

7. That's a hard one, I'm a sucker for spots, but prints are lovely, maybe Stevie's, Mimi's or Marie's, they were all great, Debi's lining, oh yes just thought of Diane's......


How did the Horrockes sew up? I have some nice fabric but have yet to get it started. Any tips?


Hello Shannon, it sews up really well but it was beyond my skill level really so I did need help. My sewing teacher really liked the pockets... 


The main problem was the sizing. I had to resize the pattern which took alot of messing about. If you don't need to do that then I would say the whole thing would be alot more straightforward!


I wrote a review on my blog of the pattern if you are interested ;0)

my blog


Let me know how you get on x

Fabulous idea....if we get all the answers tonight then I can add it into the Sew Weekly post that is going to go up tomorrow about the meet-up as well!!


The distance from Edinburgh to London by rail is 634 kilometres


The outfit took 12 hours to make.


I changed patterns once and ended up getting more fabric for the new pattern.


Hmmm...I like everyone's outfit.  I loved your top but I have to say that the best UK meet-up outfit was Charlotte's Horockses dress!


Best shoes were hands down were Sofia's!  Totally love those shoes!


Best hair/styling of the day: I loved Mimi's hair....with the flower from the travelling lace/notions exchange!


Best fabric choice of the day:  I'm a sucker for big prints so I totally loved Diane's crepe dress, Marie's cherry prints, Stevie's flowers on white background, Kirsty's awesome print dress with the contrast sash and Victoria's and Charlotte's red print dresses.  But if I had to choose one--being a vintage-style girl, I loved Marie's cherry made me smile everytime I saw it!!


1) 227 km on the train (plus the house to train and tube distance)

2) I didn't really count, I think I said about 12 to Charlotte yesterday but thinking more about it it was probably 8

3) Oooh many many many times, shall we say 10 for stats sake?

4) That has to go to Charlotte for doing the Horrockses dress and also for out-doing the ones in the shop that cost 4 times more!

5) Marie's - if memory serves me right they were leopard print, yum!

6) Lauren - it looked effortless

7) Charlotte P-B's shirt - how she manages to find these awesome bed sheets I'll never know


My answers are :

1) 43.32 kilometres

2) 5 hours and a bloody finger

3) twice. I cut the pattern in a denin fabric and end up being to small and I didnt have enought to make it, so I had to resort to my fabric stash .

4) Deby

5) Sofia

6)  Lauren

7)  Amy


1.295km ish

2. total trousers and top 7 hours

3. changed top fabric once

4.charlotteT the Horricks dress!

5.Sofias, red white and blues

6.Victorias, looked so sweet, now know how to put my hair up for my sisters wedding.x x x

7.this is so hard, I think I will go for Kirsty

1) Not far at all, about 10 km?

2) The whole of one Sunday plus a few evenings, so around 12 hours

3) I started off with the aim to make the Horrocks dress, but got a bit scared by the idea of grading so only once, which is quite good for me. At least I knew I wanted spots!

4) A toss up between Sofia and Charlotte T

5) Definitely Sofia, plus she gets extra points for wandering around museums and shops in wedges. My feet would have fallen off by the end of the day!

6) Lauren

7) Marie. Especially with matching earrings!

1. actual journey 13.13km as the crow flies 9.49km (thank you

2. I completely lost count - it was my first ever dress & FBA, so many tissue fits etc - at least 2 full weekends + 2 bank holidays and many evenings brings me to over an embarassing 40 hours.

3. I changed pattern once - initally I thought I'd make the Horrockses, but decided I wasn't quite up to the adjustments, so went with the simplest pattern in my meagre stash. The fabric I found and fell in love with instantly.

4. That's a really hard one, but for sheer I wish I had / had made that dress and for the beautiful hand stitched hem (HA - to the V&A version) Charlotte's Horrockses dress.

5. I'm torn between Sofia's red white & blue, and Kirsty's blue with the star

6. another tough one... will say Sofia's

7.  eeek, how to choose. For fabric that made me feel that I need to go buy some now - and because I could envisage wearing it myself Amy's Hearts ... (did you see the pinky / red hearts hidden by the top of the skirt?) - love it.

1) About 45km

2) Hmm... I did it in lots of little steps.  Probably about 20 hours, including some drafting and altering patterns.

3) Not even once!

4) Charlotte T - the Horrockses!

5) Sofia

6) Lauren

7) Debi's flags - full commitment to the theme!

OK, I'm a bit late with this but it's been a busy week!


1)  I had about a 200 mile round trip, on train and bus because of engineering works.

2)  Probably about 30 hours because there were two pieces - jacket and dress.

3) I changed my mind once on the dress fabric because I found what I thought was perfect for the challenge just after buying my original choice!

4) I loved Charlotte's Horrockses dress.

5) Definitely Sofia's - no doubt about that.

6) Debi's - it went so well with her red hoody.

7) The Union Jack lining in Debi's red outfit.


It was a pleasure!

Racheal... I just have to do this...My UK meet from London ,Ms.hahahhaha

1-  Only traveled to my front yard

2- 4 hours

3-  None

4- Loved,loved Charolette t. Horrococks dress

5-  the red/white /blue ones in the  shoe picture

 6- All the girls looked so nice..

7- love d all of it.

 I  debated on these questions..but just had to join in..Thankyou girls for the wonderful UK meet. Mine was

excellent too. thankyou Charolette T. and each of you, for your kindness.


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