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Some of us have started saying we'd like a UK meet up.... sooooo, who is interested? And where do you live? And are you willing to travel???????


I have just looked at the rail map of the uk, we could meet centrally somewhere, sometime this summer? We seem to have people from Edinburgh to Devon....


I'll start, I live in Lincolnshire, I can travel within reason (!), but I need some time to organise babysitting ;0) I would LOVE to meet some of the people I have met online and chat about sewing...


Who's in?



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Thanks lots Lauren for searching out all those reviews, really useful. I am still going to have a go though, despite my lack of sewing experience! I will definitely follow the advice about a muslin. I love the pattern so much I just have to try....


I think it is a good suggestion to try a similar pattern, I may give it some thought.

your research really inspired me to give it a go... i was a bit worried it wasnt the type of dress for me.. If i can make a decent interpretation i will wear it on the day...


Lauren--this is AMAZING! Thank you soooo much for pulling these resources together!

I've been away for a few days, I feel I've missed so much! I'm fine with meeting at 11.30.

I'm not sure I'm good enough to make Horr. dress. Although it looks wonderfull!


Hello Charlotte, glad you are back! I know, isn't it gorgeous though. Iam going to try. If it all goes wring I have time to do something else!


Mmmm maybe me too. I was planning to make a dress for my sisters wedding, maybe this could be the one!  Are we using a colour code of red blue and white. I may just use one or two . Lots to think of.......

I was thinking that if it turns out ok I could wear it to my friend's wedding in September... she is having a vintage theme so I would fit in!


Debi is going to ask Mena for a red white and blue London theme for us. I have red and white material, I am planning to accessorise it in blue for the meet, but I was thinking I could accesorise in red for the wedding, it could be difficult to explain why I look like the Union Jack at the church ;0)

Missed you and your sweet comments..Proud your back..
Judy you are so sweet. thankyou (it was only a few days, but in that time I swear I dreamt of dressmaking!)
Thanks for pointing me here Charlotte - I'd love to come along, not sure my skills are advanced enough for the Horrockses' Dress just yet, but can definitely make something red white and blue!
Excellent Victoria, we'll be so chuffed to see you! Should be fun....


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