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Some of us have started saying we'd like a UK meet up.... sooooo, who is interested? And where do you live? And are you willing to travel???????


I have just looked at the rail map of the uk, we could meet centrally somewhere, sometime this summer? We seem to have people from Edinburgh to Devon....


I'll start, I live in Lincolnshire, I can travel within reason (!), but I need some time to organise babysitting ;0) I would LOVE to meet some of the people I have met online and chat about sewing...


Who's in?



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FAB! Not sure how many we are at the moment! I love any wool or suiting fabrics and any crepes!

Woohoo I can make the meet :) Done some saving over the past few weeks (Stashbusting instead of buying new fabric!) so I have enough cash to come, and it's my birthday on the 14th too! So excited!


I'll be getting into Euston for 10:50 but I've had to pick the 5pm train home, the tickets double in price for an hour later...

I was thinking maybe a little closer to the time we should have a new post to arrange meeting up with the times and the stations we will arrive at, the information's getting a bit lost in this one :)

yipee, glad your coming!!
Ooohhh! That is super fabulous that it's your birthday on the 14th! What a fun way to celebrate!!
Hehe, thanks :) I'm so excited now I can go its going to be fantastic I can't wait to meet you all. Now if only I could pick some fabric...

we booked to meet at the V&A at 11:30 to give people time to arrive from different locations..

What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday !!! glad you gonna come !


excellent that you can make it Kirsty ;0)


good idea to have a new thread, I will start another one very soon summarising what we have decided, you are right - this one has got a bit out of control (I love it though, I'm so glad us UK sewweekliers are such a keen crowd)


And a birthday! Hope we can make it a good one for you x

It is out of control but in a good way, shows how enthusiastic everybody is.  I think its going to be nice to share some sewing crazyness with other sewers, because I can't do that much at home.  I only thought of it because I was trying to find out if anybody else would be arriving at Euston but got lost in which page I'd already looked at gave up after a bit :)  Not long to go now!
Sounds fantastic! Just joined and live "up north" so a bit short notice for me but I hope you all have a lovely time. Oh and by the way...I'm jealous :-)

Maybe you can make the next one Lesley if this one goes well ;0)

As suggested I have started anothe thread on this subject trying to bring together all the relevant info - I hope that's ok.


The main thing is please could you message me if you are definitely coming with a mobile number so we know when everyone has arrived? I'll send the list to everyone who responds so we all have the list and the contact numbers, if that is ok ;0)


Sorry to be bossy...

Not bossy, organised!


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