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Some of us have started saying we'd like a UK meet up.... sooooo, who is interested? And where do you live? And are you willing to travel???????


I have just looked at the rail map of the uk, we could meet centrally somewhere, sometime this summer? We seem to have people from Edinburgh to Devon....


I'll start, I live in Lincolnshire, I can travel within reason (!), but I need some time to organise babysitting ;0) I would LOVE to meet some of the people I have met online and chat about sewing...


Who's in?



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what fab ideas - I love it, I am so excited. I think Charlotte and Debi's idea is fantastic.... although I hope it is good weather, I seem to only be able to make cotton things! Wouldn't it be great to all wear the same theme!


I will fill in the doodle thingy (how clever - I didn't know that was possible!) after Sunday if that is ok. I have to suck up to my ma in law when I see her on Sunday to ask when she will babysit, my husband works Saturdays....


Sounds like Rachel knows some good places to go too! x

at this rate we will need a whole weekend!
Would love to join in once I get a bit more advanced.  Currently I only own one pattern and one piece of fabric and am learning to make my first skirt!  But please do keep me in the loop!
It doesn't matter how advanced you are.... feel free to join in, you would be welcome I'm sure!
It's all a big learning curve Lindsey and it would be great if everyone could meet up!

Hi Lindsey,

  We all started with one pattern and one peice of fabric.. Just keep sewing ..Lots of fun.. and the stash will get bigger and bigger.ha

    Cant wait to see your skirt.. Have fun sewing.


thats still cool, I still get the same thrill of 'I made that!', and I'm nearly new to this, I have only made a few things. I am totally addicted though.

Hi CharoletteP..

 Do you know what Charolette.. I do too!!! even though , I have sewed for years..when  a garment comes out right...I get that thrill of.... " I did that"". I made my daughter and my daughter in law's wedding dresses.. [not my choice.ha] but I was thrilled with the end results.. hours,hours ,hours of work.. but still thrilling..

    Your doing such a good job..  It took me years to get where you are at.. I had to throw everything [nearly] in the garbage when I first started sewing.ha..

   I too agree......... it is SO addicting... Happy Sewing,Judy

wow you made wedding dresses ! I'd love to see some photos

I've filled in debi's doodle link, Sat 14th May is looking good! That doodle thing is great, really easy to do!


My mother in law has said yes to looking after my daughter so I am now super excited....

thanks great !

OK, I've just checked, all the people who said they were definitely in (me, Diane, Debi, Charlotte P and Rachel) can do Saturday 14th May.  We have all filled in doodle apart from Diane and she has posted that she can do all of May.


Can we call it Saturday May 14th??????


If I missed you off my list by accident and you would like to join us please speak up!


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