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Some of us have started saying we'd like a UK meet up.... sooooo, who is interested? And where do you live? And are you willing to travel???????


I have just looked at the rail map of the uk, we could meet centrally somewhere, sometime this summer? We seem to have people from Edinburgh to Devon....


I'll start, I live in Lincolnshire, I can travel within reason (!), but I need some time to organise babysitting ;0) I would LOVE to meet some of the people I have met online and chat about sewing...


Who's in?



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In a crazy coincidence, Karen from Did you Make That...just did a post on Goldhawk Road and has a link of all the shops.  She was thinking of doing a blogger meet-up for fabric shopping at Goldhawk Road as well and guess what day she was thinking?  May 14! Fabulous!!!  Here's the link to the blog site:

Do you think we could organise some sort of discount with all these shops since there'll be two groups of bloggers there they'll get plenty of business?!

Just thought I'd show you all the fabric I bought yesterday for this meet up!  Not sure if I'm going to make the horrock's dress but will definitely do something similar.  Anyway, what do you think to this:

It'll probably be like the red dress I've got a picture of on here unless I find another pattern suitable.   How's everybody else's dress/outfit going?

Pretty fabric!!!


I love this fabric.. Red is my favorite color..

lovely fabric - would look great as the horrocks, but whatever you make should look fab.
very sweet fabric!
Should look great - I'm dying to see what everyone turns up in!
Mimi, what lovely fabric.
Thank you everyone!  Was a bit worried it might be a bit too much of an old lady pattern! ;)  Still haven't decided on the dress pattern yet will probably be that Burda one, making my grand total of that dress when they're all done a total of 4!  Yikes!  Need to find another pattern!
very pretty - it will make a lovely 50s style vibe to whatever you make, I am sooooo looking forward to seeing it!
Do you have plans Charlotte? I'm thinking my easy easy trousers again (because I know I will wear them again) and a very 70s shirt!


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