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Some of us have started saying we'd like a UK meet up.... sooooo, who is interested? And where do you live? And are you willing to travel???????


I have just looked at the rail map of the uk, we could meet centrally somewhere, sometime this summer? We seem to have people from Edinburgh to Devon....


I'll start, I live in Lincolnshire, I can travel within reason (!), but I need some time to organise babysitting ;0) I would LOVE to meet some of the people I have met online and chat about sewing...


Who's in?



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Judy, you and I are going to have to meet half in Kentucky or some such place since we are on the wrong continent! You all know how jealous we are, right??? We too may make special outfits for the occasion, just to be supportive of your gathering. Oh the fun you are going to have!!!

Yep... I think we are on the wrong side of everywhere.haha

 That would be fun to join in and make special outfits for the occasion.

Good idea.

Ladies, quick question about our post-V&A plans...

Do we have a fixed idea about what we're doing yet? I know that McCulloch and Wallis has been mentioned, as has Walthamstow market, but we're unlikely to be able to do both.

It'd be handy to know in advance for those of us purchasing travelcards. It's the difference between zone 1 and zones 1-3 depending on what we do!

I'd be happy visiting either, but would probably pick McCulloch and Wallis if forced to choose!

I've just had a look at MacCulloch and Wallis as hadn't heard of it and think that would be a really lovely place to go, but is there any markets near there as some of their stuff is on the pricey side?

Hello Lauren, this is what had been suggested so far.....


meet at the V and A and start off with photos (before clumsy people such as myself muck up their outfit any more than absolutely necessary, lol) and go to the exhibition there, a spot of lunch and a pattern / fabric swap for those who want to join in,  then onto Goldhawk Road to the market.... Rachel suggested  it, sounds good, I don't mind doing something else if people prefer but like you say it's easier if we have a plan for ticket buying....


I don't know where McCulloch et al is.... I think it's a good suggestion, I am just thinking we shouldn't put too many stop offs in as we won't have time and it will be diffiucult to get a group around lots of places.... is it near one of the other stop offs?


What do other people think? Where would you all prefer to go?


McCulloch and Wallis is just off of Oxford Street, and as previously said is a bit on the pricey side. I would probably pick Goldhawk Road myself, but as this is in Shepard Bush, it would require another tube ride, so might prove a little bit difficult as a big group?

Excuse me for butting in.  Starting at the V&A you are at S.Ken tube, take the Piccadilly line to Piccadilly Circus, here you could either change to the Bakerloo line and go north 1 stop to Oxford Circus to get you closer to McCulloch & Wallis.  Or you could come up at Piccadilly Circus and walk up Regent Street.  There are 1 - 2 suiting merchants shops on Regent Street,  or you could bear left(west) and go up Savile Row. (I believe that McC.& W. are to the west of Oxford Circus).  Also on the right hand side of Regent Street, just before Oxford Circus is Liberty's.  To the east of Regent Street and parallel to it is Berwick Street, which has several very good fabric shops on it, in particular Borovicks, and just around the corner is Broadwick Silks (on Broadwick Street which crosses Berwick St.) - both of which are seriously dangerous to the wallet :)   Near where Noel Street crosses Berwick St. there is The Cloth House,  also good.

I used to work in this area, and revisited it last June, to check out the fabric shops, they are not cheepcheep hunting grounds (although Berwick St. is more so than Regent Street) but they have some really good stuff and you can find some bargains.



PS check out an A-Z  for getting around  Have fun!

I didn't know there was so much round there! Thanks

Your welcome.  I wish I could join up with you all, but unfortunately it won't be possible this time.  By the way, if anyone is into the more traditionaly tailoring skills and wants supplies there is a small shop called Rai Trimmings at 9-12 St Annes Court, off Wardour St.  W1V 3AX.  It (Wardour St) is the next parallel street east of Bewick St. and specialises in the trimmings for tailoring ie horsehair chest cloth, shoulder pads, sleeve roll ( padding put in at the top of a sleeve), linens ( for supporting pocket slits), silesia (for pocket bags in suits), buttonhole twist, suit linings etc.etc.  They supply to the tailors who also outwork for Savile Row (or did in '94, and since they appear to still be there I suspect they still do).  If all else fails window shopping in the jewellers down Regent St and a trip into Hamleys for those with kids is fun too (if your feet haven't yet dropped off :) ).


P.S. I've just remembered that John Lewis is also at Oxford Circus - top left of the junction on Oxford St.  It certainly was a good stomping ground for fabrics & haberdashery, but I haven't managed to get back there for some years.   Oh and closer to the V&A is Harrods, just up the Brompton Road at Knightsbridge (a short busride or 1 stop on the Piccadilly line, they also had a fabric dept, but again I haven't been for years.

Thinking about it, I think that the No 9 bus goes from the V&A to Piccadilly Circus, which would also give you a good view of some of the smart(ish) sections of central London, past Harrods, onto Hyde Park Corner, past Green Park & the Ritz Hotel along Piccadilly(past v.v.v.swanky jewellers), Burlington Arcade, try to get off just before the Circus or you end up going south down Haymarket. 

These are just suggestions as sometimes a bit of local background knowledge can help get the most out of a trip.  There are lots of areas & fabric suppliers I don't know in and around London, but  this patch I do/did know well.


PPS sorry for the long post.




When I went in Harrods last year I asked if they had a sewing/haberdashery department and they said, 'no, there was no call for it anymore'!  Do you reckon if we all went in on masse in our matching frocks that they might change their minds ... (it's just a joke!).  

Hi Rosemary, I have been to those and they are great.  Thanks for adding so much more info than I. I had sugested between all the other addresses. I think goldhalk rd there are more than 6 or 7 specialist shops on next to another... with a lot of variaty and some really good bargains. I payed £3 a meter for 100% wool... its cheap as chips !!!  of course... you need to know what your are looking for .

I will write down your other sugestions as tips like this are precious ! thanks

I've never actually been to the Goldhawk Rd,  I rarely went further west than Hammersmith and certainly not north west.  Which end of the Goldhawk Rd should I aim for, when I make it to London again, for the fabric shops?  Thanks



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