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Some of us have started saying we'd like a UK meet up.... sooooo, who is interested? And where do you live? And are you willing to travel???????


I have just looked at the rail map of the uk, we could meet centrally somewhere, sometime this summer? We seem to have people from Edinburgh to Devon....


I'll start, I live in Lincolnshire, I can travel within reason (!), but I need some time to organise babysitting ;0) I would LOVE to meet some of the people I have met online and chat about sewing...


Who's in?



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OK, count me in, as long as I have enough notice to get leave from work.  I live near King's Lynn, Norfolk and travel to work by train everyday to Cambridge.  Am happy to meet up anywhere along the railway line to London, or London itself.  Alternatively (though I don't drive often out of Norfolk and have never done a motorway!) I can drive to somewhere not too far off.  Look forward to it!   
Hello Diane, you live really near me - I just route-checked my village to King's Lynn on, I live next to the A17 and the distance from King's Lynn is 32.7 miles ;0), about 45 mins!
OK!  Maybe we can meet up when the weather gets a bit better.
We can have an East of England sewweekly mini-meet! How exciting.....

Of course!

count me in! With enough notice I can travel down via train from Edinburgh!  I think we should do a pattern/fabric swap too! :-)
I would love to, it will need planning time for me. Maybe a weekend ? I also think that fabric and pattern swap is also a good idea.

Thanks for your replies so far - lots to think about! xx

Hi Charolette,

   Sounds like you girls are going to have a fun fabric/swap meet.. I am TOTALLY jealous.. Sure wish

I was close to  you all...[But  I am on the other side of the world,ha], Hope ya'll have fun..Can't wait to hear about  it ,once you meet ..

Im IN for sure. Im in Kent
All sounding very promising ! maybe we should pick a month and then we can all work out which days we are available and go from there ? .....

good idea, I must admit I was a bit stumped as what to do next, especially as regards a meeting place, we are all so far apart....




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