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Finally, after months of planning and looking forward, the UK girls get to meet tomorrow. I am so excited (even though I haven't finished my dress yet - I'm taking it to the wire)....


See you at the V and A at 11:30 ladies, in rain or shine, flying the flag in red, white and blue xxx


And if you are a UK lady who would like to join us, if you are free tomorrow sned me a message and I'll make sure you get details.


The only thing that would make it better would be if our international friends could be there (Judy is having her own British mini-meet in Mississippi tomorrow - we will be thinking of you Judy!).


See you tomorrow - how cool is that?


Have a safe journey there all, especially our Wales and Scotland girls who are making such a great effort  to be there.

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I've got a camera too, though I think Debi mentioned something about bringing a tripod, which sounds very professional to me!  Hope you've done your dress Debi.  I asked my boss for the afternoon off today so I could get everything ready ... still not done yet (dress is - it's just everything else I have to remember)! 
still not done yet but getting close :).....the tripod just helps for the group photos!!!

omg Debi hope you are ok, that really is taking it to the wire, see you at King's Cross in a few hours x 


I'm so excited! I haven't been reading my e-mails so missed the latest update :( nevertheless I shall see you soon and I warn you - I'm a paparazzi!
Hey Everyone! Have a great day tomorrow! Wish I could have made it!

Dress was finished at midnight, it's now around 6:30am and I will be leaving in an hour or so, hope I haven't forgotten anything....


Thanks Mena, wish you could join us but I see you are busy (great Eclair!), you are amazing. AND your photos still looks beautiful even though you are doing one a day. You are the bees knees.

On the train now wish to have choosen the wool dress instead of the top as its cold here.
thank you so much, I had a blast !
so nice to meet you, I enjoyed myself so much, I am worn out now! x

me too. time for dinner & wine and bed !



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