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Finally, after months of planning and looking forward, the UK girls get to meet tomorrow. I am so excited (even though I haven't finished my dress yet - I'm taking it to the wire)....


See you at the V and A at 11:30 ladies, in rain or shine, flying the flag in red, white and blue xxx


And if you are a UK lady who would like to join us, if you are free tomorrow sned me a message and I'll make sure you get details.


The only thing that would make it better would be if our international friends could be there (Judy is having her own British mini-meet in Mississippi tomorrow - we will be thinking of you Judy!).


See you tomorrow - how cool is that?


Have a safe journey there all, especially our Wales and Scotland girls who are making such a great effort  to be there.

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pS, just thought, we need to think of a tag for our photos so we can upload them tomorrow night (tee hee, flattering shots of me only please, there's a fiver in it for you, I promise to do the same and only upload nice pics!), I suggest: LONDON


anyone got any better ideas?

Sounds good to me! But it has to be in CAPITAL LETTERS for sure!
Looking foward to meet u all. Xx
  I can't wait... I am 'ALMOST" as excited as you girls are... I will post my  red/white/blue UK dress and my special present tomorrow night too..Yea... Will be thinking about you all..have FUN,FUN,FUN..  Thankyou Charolette T.. you are awsome..

Don't forget to tag your photo LONDON Judy, even if it is London, MS ;0)


Can't wait to see your dress on you and not on Mary!

will do Charolette... All the way from London, Ms..hahhahaha

acckkkk...I am SO EXCITED!!!  About to start making my dress now (I know, I know) :)  Catching the 6am train from Edinburgh tomorrow...YAY! I can't wait to meet you all....


And great idea about the london photos tag...I like it! 


See you all tomorrow!! xoxoxox

Hope the sewing is going well Debi, a friend is just coming over to help me get the hem straight on my dress....


Hope you have a good journey x

Oh I'm sooo excited for you all! It's going to be such a blast and your lovely outfits, so much fun!

Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures. I want to relive all that you see and do plus just the fun of meeting each other in person! Ummmmm FUN!
Thanks Cathe, I have a feeling we will have lots of photos, could be in the rain though, there is thunder forecast over London tomorrow....

Woooo!!! I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight!


I think we need to employ an official photographer :)  The we are free to enjoy ourselves plus I'm no good at taking pictures when I'm having fun (no camera kinda doesn't help either)

Me neither, although I will feel better once the dress is done....


Well I am ahead of you because I have a camera ;0)




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