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UK girls, I know where to get the new Colette patterns! ssssh!

OK, it's not a secret really, I swear I am not paid by but they sell Colette patterns.


I emailed them asking if they were going to have Peony, Jasmine and Clover because otherwise I would send for them from America. And they have replied that they have been shipped to them from America and they are expecting to start selling them next week ;0)


Thought you might like to know!


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I thought about joining them before Stevie - is it really worth it?
Oh my gosh it totally is. For the £18 online only membership. I've saved about £60 this week alone. If you think about Vogues being about £13 and getting two free it is well worth it!

OK, sold! I'm off to check it out, thanks x


Wow. Great savings. I'm there too
They're in stock now - just ordered mine ;-)
thank you! I checked at the weekend but there was no joy so I was really wondering where they had gone, that's excellent news. Did you buy all 3?
I just went for the Peony and the Jasmine - the Clover is no good for me with my thighs!
Me too, although I am sad not to be able to join in the new sewalong on the Colette site, but there is no way those trousers would look nice on me, they are lovely but not for my bottom! I am very excited about the other 2 though. Will you sew one of them soon? have you got plans?

Tempted to go for the Peony one first - saw some nice red fabric in John Lewis the other week that would look great for it, but I'm not the fastest of sewers, so don't hold your breath! I still have a crepe waiting to be done but maybe that will be passed over in favour of the new one - not sure. The cutting out seems to be my main stumbling block - especially with all that fabric. Finding the space to get it all laid out, traced and cut can be problematic (floorboards too uneven, carpet too wobbly, table a bit better, but still has grooves in - though I think I'm really just making excuses). Need to get myself some more tracing paper to transfer the pattern too as well as I ran out half way through tracing crepe.

Would have liked it if they'd done a peony sew along first so I could join in, though I can see that trousers are more of an issue for most people, so a sew along for clover makes more sense.


Which one will you go for first?

I have made the crepe twice, once a black flowery version and then another time white flowery curtains. The black one I have worn loads to parties, dinner out and to my friend's vintage themed wedding last weekend. It was scary but crepe was the first dress I made and I agree the amount of fabric is a bit offputting but I love it.

I like the peony too, have you been following the suggestions for it on ? Seriously gorgeous. But I got Jasmine after I saw Sarai's copper coloured one also on her coletterie blog - she is a clever lady, she has me so sucked in with her styling! I have found a similar grape coloured fabric so I might go for that... eek, so many plans so little time. It depends what fabric I see first as to which pattern I go for. Have your arrived yet?

What with the new Colette patterns and the pattern swap on here I am booked up until Christmas! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the peony, would you do a red sash too or a contrast? The crepe would be nice too though...... you are in for some serious fun, I love Colette patterns, so lovely to sew.

They arrived this morning! Haven't decided whether I'll do a contrast 0r matching sash yet. I like the idea of contrast, but it all depends on whether I can find two fabrics that go together when it comes to shopping. Had that problem with the crepe - found a lovely vintage style floral print with a dark brown background and rusty red roses on it and I wanted to get a rusty red fabric to make a contrast sash, but I couldn't find one anywhere.


Loved Sari's copper coloured Jasmine. Really love those rusty red/orange colours which we're seeing in the shops a lot at the moment. Autumn is definately my favourite season clothes and colourwise. There were some great ideas for jazzing up the Peony on her blog, but I think I'll keep it fairly simple for the first one at least and then maybe play around with future versions once I've got the hang of it.

I love Autumn colours too, I have joined Colette's Fall Colour Palette Challenge. So I will try to fit my sewing into that for a bit. Mostly navy blue, gey, bottle green but a bit of mustard ;0)


My patterns have arrived too, gorgeous beyond words, presented so nicely - the big pattern companies could learn from Sarai I think, some of their pattern pics are so repulsive. Hers are so gorgeous and appealing.


Good plan to do a simple first one, I like the examples of peony that are quite plain as well, all simple colours rather than prints, more thought required - I often go OTT for a print. Can't wait to start but I have 2 projects already started that need finishing first!


Your red and brown fabric sounds perfect for crepe. I did one with no contrast and one with a contrast sash - I love them both!


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