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UK girls, I know where to get the new Colette patterns! ssssh!

OK, it's not a secret really, I swear I am not paid by but they sell Colette patterns.


I emailed them asking if they were going to have Peony, Jasmine and Clover because otherwise I would send for them from America. And they have replied that they have been shipped to them from America and they are expecting to start selling them next week ;0)


Thought you might like to know!


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Just looked at the site, they have the sewaholic pattern: Lonsdale too!
Thank you Charlotte, youre great at finding out things and I'll be heading straight over there next week!
MMMmmmmm how am I able to even start the DO NOT buy any more pattern idea!?
sorry! I don't need any more either really - but these are so lovely it is hard to resist! Glad I can drag you two into my pattern stashing habits x
Sewbox is leathal! I go on there a lot! As well as Raystitch. They have recently opened a shop in London too! I think I might try and organise a meetup there before christmas if anyone is interested?
I'm really up for another fabric shopping day at Goldhawks but before christmas maybe to much for me. But see what everyone else thinks.
I'd love to meet up, I really would, but it's very difficult for me to organise babysitting, also a close friend is getting married tomorrow, once that's over I hope I can think about something else!
Thanks for sharing. I was considering ordering from the states, but from the UK would be much better (not that I should really be buying any more patterns till I've used some more of the ones I've already go mind).

I am in the same boat Lindsay - too many pattenrs, not enough time...


A little one won't hurt, surely?


Yeah, but it's more likely to end up as two! Just a good job I've got the wrong sort of legs for the clover pattern or I'd have been tempted to go for the lot :-)
ha ha ha me too, I love clover but the famous Tilley thighs just wouldn't work at all in that pattern! Two it is then ;0)
I have gone mad on patterns... I have bought 9! none of the colette ones though. (Plus all buy one get two free...) Heres a cheeky tip. Sign up to sew direct. Its £18 to be an online member only and they have exclusive sales now and again. For Butterick McCalls and Vogue I only ever buy them in these sales!


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