The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

I keep thinking of moments from yesterday, good times. So here are some of my highlights (as they occur to me in no particular order!):


Debi (my sewing hero) meeting me at King's Cross in her gorgeous outfit

Sofia's shoes

Hearing "how I started sewing" stories that were so interesting

Shopping with Diane

Winning THAT pattern in the swap

The Narnia dress at the exhibition

Realising the £95 Horrockses dresses in the V and A were not a patch on mine

Rachel's cool top

Steph's polka dots


Meeting Charlotte PB, she has been so supportive

Seeing all the outfits

Having our photograph taken by complete strangers at the V and A because we looked so cool

Lots of chats with so many lovely sewers


What about your highlights?

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oh where do I start???


Meeting Stevie on the tube at randow - Like " Hi, I think I know your fabric? "  ( red face)

Meeting other tall girls

Laughting on how or boyfriends/husband got stuck by pins

Meeting my swap buddie  and she was wearing something she used from my package

Shock by the price and quality of horrockses dress ( extra points for Charlotte- that HANDSEW the hem)

Debi's amazing dress ( had a hoody- oh so envious)

 Not happy that I lost the change of the mojito ( next meeting i should have 2 )

The exibition was small but lovely - will try something inspired by it.

Taking the shoes photo ( ohh just fun)

Meeting all this amazing people that make me feel at easy and shared the same passion for sewing.

Cakes of  V&A with amazing company

Shopping ( oh Im a sucker for shopping- can someone hide my wallet)

Got home so happy ( even thought my back was killing me and had to be on extra tablets for the night)



Sounds like you all had a blast.

Oh the entire day was my highlight start to finish!

spotting Charlotte's Horrockses dress at King's Cross Station

Navigating the tube with Charlotte and Diane

Meeting everyone!!

Talking about sewing nonstop...oh, how fun!

Checking out the Horrockses dresses in the gift shop.

The exhibit and commenting on all the different techniques

tea and cakes...and discussions on sergers, sewing with vintage patterns, etc.

Kirsty's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY

having a yummy mojito

pattern swap

Judy's presents

running into everyone at different fabric stores

seeing everyone's outfits and having our photos taken

Meeting Charlotte's mum

Seeing Mimi's world traveling lace flower!!

The shoes photo!

Oh! It was all so much fun!!!


Hee hee, seeing all your pictures and living through your comments! Love it all!
Me too! Sounds like everyone had a blast.

Me too.. oh how fun. Thankyou all for sharing your wonderful day with us..

Although I didn't manage to join you ladies, I was is London on Saturday - meeting up with a good friend who now lives in Spain so we don't get to meet very often. 

     A really big THANK YOU for the information about the Goldhawk Road, I found the first half a dozen fabric shops and was seriously glazed over with all the wonderful fabrics - I was very restrained, only 5 lengths came home with me!  The feel of the silk and cotton mix fabric is to die for.  I seriously hope to get some of it made up and ready to come to the next meet up (provided it doesn't clash with anything else).

  I like the look of the Horrocks' dress, and think that it might suit me - with some major pattern reshaping for my figure, I definatley plan on giving it a try.

Ok, I've been thinking about this, again, no particular order:

Phoning Charlotte T to say I'd arrived at King's Cross but spotting her and Debi in red, white and blue before she answered...

Inside out coat in the Yamamoto exhibition (must try this!)

Strawberries in the Victoria Sponge at the V&A.

Being photographed and all the flashes going off (felt like a celebrity!).

Debi's Union Jack peek-a-boo lining and hood.

Charlotte's Horrockses dress (must try one out now with the pattern I've downloaded).

Meeting everyone I'd only ever seen on a screen and making new friends.

Seeing all the clever things made by everyone.

Seeing everyone wandering up and down Goldhawk Road in red, white and blue.

Pattern swap and watching patterns and fabrics go to new homes (look forward to the 'creations').

Discussing our 'eras' (but I still don't know which one is 'mine' yet - more discussion?!)

Adding to my fabric stash.

Just doing something great out of the normal routine ...

I never know if I've enjoyed myself until a day or so after, but I keep remembering loads of great things and have been left with a sense of exciting new beginnings ... here's to the next one ...

Practically running up to Mimi & Marie in the tunnel to the V&A after spotting their ' red white and blue' -ness and asking if they were 'sewweekly-ers'  (so relieved they were!)


Feeling like I wasn't mad & obsessed anymore, but rather a perfectly normal person - doesn't everyone  talk about fabric and sewing all the time!?


Having someone (I forget who - sorry!) pick the pattern I brought to the swap :) yay it went to a good home


The swap in general - it felt like Christmases used to when I was a small thing! Exciting, friendly and oh so much fun.


The exhibition - and talking to the others about what bits we liked about each outfit and how we could incorporate the ideas into our sewing. 


Discovering the most amazing array of fabric shops with people who felt the same way.


Being able to tell my husband that actually,no I hadn't spent any money on fabric - what about these bags?... oh no, that wasn't real money, you see I bought everyone's tickets to the V&A on my credit card, and they gave me cash. So really, I didn't actually spend money on fabric..... there is logic in there somewhere. Or maybe just denial.


An increased sense of confidence, enthuisasm & excitement about sewing after talking to everyone and the wonderful sense of comeraderie & support.


I could list to but I don't think you have the time or space here!

The most amazing feeling I had when we all met up, it was really rather emotional, this carried on whilst having our photos done (thanks mum, you did a fantstic job).

your mom was so sweet. hope she start sewing again !


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