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From the discussion over here, I can tell you ladies love talking about ugly patterns! Since it's so much fun, let's make it a contest: In this thread, post an image of the ugliest pattern envelope you can find. I'll pick the winner based on my completely objective tastes. The winner will receive a definitely non-ugly pattern from my stash (I'll hopefully have the right size for you).

Get going and let's see some heinous patterns!

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YEP...Its in my head.ha
well now…I'm speechless!
It's Hammer time!
Yep...thats a good one too.
wow, I missed out. glad that awful hammer pattern was good for some laughs and classic music lyrics!
but this stuff is all over the place now, harem pants are almost identical to these pants, and I saw someone wearing them at the airport yesterday and thought how can anyone wear harem pants? they look so ridiculous...

I found these 2 in savers today.

That blue jupsuit with the white collar is just to die for...


eep - those jumpsuits just keep turning up! Did anyone ever actually wear them???
Do ya'll know, I remember when the young girls were wearing the ones on the right.. They were calling them 'baloon pants'...YEK...they looke bad then too.ha my daughter loved them.ha
I  had a jersey all in one thing from Laura Ashley in navy blue with floral print and covered buttons down the front.  I wore it with a t shirt underneath.  I cringe now ....
Gasp, Laura Ashley, too funny! My brides maid dresses were Laura Ashley...I married in the mid 80s! It's a little painful to look at but also pretty funny!
But at the time..I bet you thought it was sharp..haha


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