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From the discussion over here, I can tell you ladies love talking about ugly patterns! Since it's so much fun, let's make it a contest: In this thread, post an image of the ugliest pattern envelope you can find. I'll pick the winner based on my completely objective tastes. The winner will receive a definitely non-ugly pattern from my stash (I'll hopefully have the right size for you).

Get going and let's see some heinous patterns!

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I KNOW I made a dress out of this pattern! I altered the pattern a bit....Now don't laugh, but I ADDED fullness to the top of the sleeve, made them 3/4 length, AND added a peplum to the skirt. What was I thinking, you ask??? It was the eighties!! I say no more!!
So I was just in the "Salvos' Op Shop now and I nearly purchased a pattern merely because it was so ugly and deserved its place on this forum. Luckily it wasn't in my size, but it was tempting. Think long, large plaid with puffy sleeves.
This could go on forever couldn't it?! There must be loads of undiscovered gems out there ...
Boy, this died out right quick, didn't it?
Patience is a virtue ... give it time ...

Something to be said about the 80's possibly the worst decade of fashion!!


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