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From the discussion over here, I can tell you ladies love talking about ugly patterns! Since it's so much fun, let's make it a contest: In this thread, post an image of the ugliest pattern envelope you can find. I'll pick the winner based on my completely objective tastes. The winner will receive a definitely non-ugly pattern from my stash (I'll hopefully have the right size for you).

Get going and let's see some heinous patterns!

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I have video evidence of a family friend wearing that floral jumpsuit number at my 2nd birthday party... It is not a good look.

I have no idea why I've kept this pattern, since I never intend to make it.  But here is my worst pattern in all its glory.


Tent?  Bathrobe? Beach Cover-up?  Either way, all it looks like to me is someone taking 5 yards of fabric, and cutting out a hole for the head and adding a waistband.

It's so bad.... and the color?!  Eeeek.


I don't think it was ever used, but I'd really love to know who in my family bought this pattern so I could tease them.  hehehe  (All in good fun of course.)

I actually like it (without a collar). I think some nice drapey fabric, beautiful print and length modification - and it could be a winner. I think this challenge is so interesting - like letting your inner designer and stylist out.

You're sooo welcome to this pattern.  :) 


I'm only 4'11" so this would swamp me.  I'd look like yoda in it.  heh

It IS sorta Princess Leia like, but I agree with Frabjous--I think it could be lovely. Of course, the model could spread her arms out to make wings and fly to a galaxy far, far away.
lol, this is such a good comparison! yoda or leia, it would make a great Halloween pattern then. And now that I look at it more, turn it into a mini and  it is a Snooky look.
i'm with you princess Leia , with those lovely hair twerly things on the side of her head, you'd look great!!!
yeah, at 5', I have to remind myself that I'm not cut out for a tent, no matter how good Princess Leia may look in it.
The lady in the blue version reminds me of Princess Leia for some reason....
Bhahaha I just saw everyone else's comments on the same thing!  ;-)

What long legs they have...  heh


This would actually be a cute halloween costume. 

For the times that you want to let your inner Chewbacca out...


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