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From the discussion over here, I can tell you ladies love talking about ugly patterns! Since it's so much fun, let's make it a contest: In this thread, post an image of the ugliest pattern envelope you can find. I'll pick the winner based on my completely objective tastes. The winner will receive a definitely non-ugly pattern from my stash (I'll hopefully have the right size for you).

Get going and let's see some heinous patterns!

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I'm off to have a scour through my stash - I'm sure to have a horrid 80's number in there somewhere!!

Here are some of my "uglies" ..


I had to make the bottom right one (in grey with lace overlay) to wear as a bridesmaid dress - I didn't like it 16 years ago, and I still don't like it!!  As for the Christie Brinkley one ..... what was I thinking?  I am happy to report that I haven't made it or the other 2 (we all have moments of poor purchases, don't we??)
Hey.. now lets see you turn it around and make it pretty.ha,ha,ha
Holy carp! I have that exact pattern--the McCalls in the upper right corner. I'd recognize that hip scarf anywhere!  (Isn't it just awful what brides subject us to? My cousin made us sew dresses in varying shades of purple cotton in a Vogue pattern straight from the movie Tron. I looked like I was wearing a hairdresser's smock. And that's saying it nicely.)
But isn't that the point - the bridesmaids are meant to look awful so the bride looks even more stunning? I've seen some shockers.
fabulous - and bonus points for actually having made one of them!
It basically came down to a choice for me between "look unattractively large in animal prints' and 'going through doorways sideways is so much more fun'. Actually, I did have a few more with amazingly puffy shoulders, but I think that they have already been represented here.
You must! I'd love to see it!
I just wonder how people used to get through doorways! Or how injury was avoided to other people!
I actually remember these velour leisure suit type things and velour shorts!
Don't know why but my replies aren't appearing directly underneath the comments they're meant to!
Just love a good jumpsuit!


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