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Tutorial: Here's another way to make an elastic waist - Guaranteed not to roll!

Hi All,

Many of you are probably familiar with this method, but since there was a query posted recently about elastic rolling inside the casing.. I thought some people may find this useful.

Most patterns will instruct you to make a casing and then thread through the elastic. Lately I've been using up some cheap elastic that rolls like crazy.. so I've used a different method for my last project. - my Rule Britannia Pj's!

Please forgive the photography.. it is very tricky to hold stretched elastic with one hand and take a photo with the other!


Step 1.

Decide on the finished length of your elastic. Decide carefully.. this method doesn't allow you to adjust it later. Stitch the ends together.


Step 2.

Mark your elastic at quarter intervals. Mark your garment's waistband at quarter intervals. Match up the quarters and pin. Pin elastic to wrong side of garment(see photo)


Step 3.

Stitch the elastic to the garment by stretching the elastic between the pins as you sew. (see photos below) I've used an overlocker.. but you could use a regular sewing machine. If using a sewing machine you might want to place the elastic 6mm from the raw edge and fold the edge over for a neat finish.


Step 4.

Fold the elastic inwards. Pin at seams only.

Step 5.

Use a sewing machine to Stitch through the bottom edge of the elastic -  stretching between the pins as you go. I used a slight zig zag stitch.


You're finished!

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thank you so much for this
Thanks Casey - seems sort of obvious now you have explained it.... I needed the pics to understand though, that is perfect.

Casey...very well said..  and you  are will not roll..Perfect every time. Thankyou for sharing with


Thank you Casey. This is very helpful and I too appreciate the photos, visual learner here!
this a great tutorial - Thank you Casey.
I'm just about to work on a quick skirt with an elastic waist.  Never thought to try this method with serger. Thanks!
Thanks Casey. I use this technique when I sew the leg opening on leotards. Never thought to do it on clothing. Derrrr. Will give it ago with the next project that has an elastic waiste. Thankyou for sharing. 


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