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I am not sure what to make of this. The pattern—which is pretty darned simple—calls for "tubing" or "tubular fabric". Anyone have a clue? I'm a) baffled and b) tempted to just cut this out of regular fabric, but then I look at the instructions and become mystified again. Any ideas?

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  Hi Jen,

    I am not sure, but I think it is a knit fabric that is knitted in a tubular fabric. I remember seeing some at a flea market, anyway, it is just what it says.. a tube..I think regular knit fabric would work. Hope this helps.

Can you post a picture of the pattern cover?  That might me figure out what the heck they are talking about :-)

Sure...not sure why I didn't in the first place... Well, here is a link, anyhow! Advance 4575.  As you can see, it's very simple. I'm just curious as to what in the world tubing is! LOL The back of the pattern is visible, too. 


It's almost a patternless pattern, if that makes sense. There's a tissue sheet (with those perforations, LOL), but it's pretty easy. Mostly I liked the cover. ;)

I think I figured it out (though it wasn't easy)....I think the 'tubular' fabric refers to the rick-rack-braided version.  The back of the pattern cover says 'yardage given for rick rack braid is based on 54 inch tubular material'.  I don't think you have to worry about it if you are doing a non-rick-rack version :-)  how bizarre to refer to it as 'tubular' material!  Doesn't it make you feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes in the Case of the Tubular Material? hehehehe
Ha! I'll have to smoke a pipe and wear a plaid cap while sewing...Thanks. Isn't it the oddest thing?

You can find tubular wool and cotton knits in stores, for T-shirts, skirts etc. (produced in circular manner like a tube, as opposed to fabric with selvedge). Tubular fabrics are cheaper to produce and the advantage is that you don't need side seams. But often these fabrics are not the best quality and they may twist after several washings, distorting the fit. 


Check pattern pieces to be on the safe side. It is pretty easy to make this design I think - you have only shoulder seams, if I am not mistaken - good for a quick project or a good quality tubular knit. But if you have some experience sewing with knits, I would recommend going for a regular fabric (=with selvedge).  

wow! interesting to know!!
Yea... this is what  ,I was talking about.. I just couldn't describe it.ha.. But your right, it is is knitted in a circular they made tshirts,et out of the tube..thanks for the info.
How interesting, thank you. (Especially about the quality.) To be honest, I was thinking of making it with a lightweight you said, just shoulder seams and the side seams are a piece of cake if I use said cotton.


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