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Earlier this week I blogged about having a fabric stash that has gotten out-of-control . *ahem*  As much as I ADORE fabric, my situation is starting to sap my creativity, not to mention making my sewing area unusable.  To my shame, I have actually run out of storage space. Eeep!


Over the weekend, I'm going to be putting together fabric bundles to sell on my blog for great low prices.  There will everything from large scraps to yardage.  I'm a fabric snob (LOL!) and buy only designer quilting cottons.  I'm happy to ship worldwide, too.


Knowing how much everyone here loves fabric, I wanted to make sure to give you all a heads up! :)


(Mena - I hope this is OK to post here....)

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You've got mail ;0)

Thank you! You have mail now, too! :)

thanks Sarah, you also have payment ;0)


I think you have my address via paypal but if not please message me and I'll send it to you on here...


I am very excited - cute cotton for summer for my little girl!

Oh, how wonderful!! I am so happy that the fabric is going to be used.  You'll post pictures, yes?

I will if I can make something half decent - this week has gone badly wrong so I am having yet another crisis of confidence! (no pics this week, too ashamed!)


I am very thrilled about the cotton though, very lovely fabric, you nust have a great stash if you can bear to part with it!


this is great Sarah.
Thank you! :)

Hi all!


First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has bought a fabric bundle (or more). I'm really happy that the fabric is going to good homes where it will be used!


Secondly, today's fabrics are up! Click here to have a gander.  I'll be adding more today and tomorrow. 



Hi, Sarah! I just sent you a (couple) emails about fabric. Thanks so much for offering parts of your awesome stash!

It's my pleasure!! I'm adding new bundles right now and I still have 1/2 a Rubbermaid bin plus one full laundry basket of fabric to list. 


I'm really happy that people are finding things they like. :)

New fabric bundles added today:


More will be added tomorrow and continuing throughout the week.  I've just listed a full Rubbermaid bin of fabric (eep!) and have a very full, very large laundry basket left to do.


Thanks so much, everyone!

Day 3's bundles are posted:

Lots of yardage today! :)


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