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Earlier this week I blogged about having a fabric stash that has gotten out-of-control . *ahem*  As much as I ADORE fabric, my situation is starting to sap my creativity, not to mention making my sewing area unusable.  To my shame, I have actually run out of storage space. Eeep!


Over the weekend, I'm going to be putting together fabric bundles to sell on my blog for great low prices.  There will everything from large scraps to yardage.  I'm a fabric snob (LOL!) and buy only designer quilting cottons.  I'm happy to ship worldwide, too.


Knowing how much everyone here loves fabric, I wanted to make sure to give you all a heads up! :)


(Mena - I hope this is OK to post here....)

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New fabrics listed this morning: 

The sale runs until April 2, 2011.  After that, any unsold fabric can be purchased individually or in custom bundles.


Thanks again! :)

Eek!  I've just had a look at your posts, and am soooo tempted!  Am trying very very hard to resist though - I ran out of storage quite a while back and now have about 2/3rds of my stash in a storage unit.  So I *really* don't need any more fabric!  (Although it's hard to say no - you've got some gorgeous pieces there!)
Thank you! The sale ends tomorrow (April 2nd).  Afterwards, the remaining fabric can be purchased individually or in custom bundles. :)

Thank you very much to everyone who purchased fabric from me.  I cannot tell you what a weight off of my shoulders it is to know that they will be loved and used by others.  My fabric stash is happily reduced and I am delighted!


There are several bits and pieces still available for sale; click here to see what I have left.  You can buy pieces individually or in custom bundles. :)

Just to let you know that all the fabric has been mailed! It's currently whizzing it's way - care of Canada Post - to you! :)


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