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    How do you feel about luck??? Well,   I have to tell you.. I am not a lucky person at all.But.. boy do I feel like God has blessed me  this past few weeks.

    I have NEVER won anything in my life.. When ever some thing  good happens..I am normally the last to  know and its tooo late ,when I fnd out..

   However.. I won the Oolong Crepe dress pattern and I nearly fell dead with a heart attack..ha I was so shocked!!   Wow!!

   Then,the first of this week, I told you how I found the hugh fabric sale at Hancock Fabric. This afternoon, I stopped by a didnt look like to much of anything..But to my surprise.. I saw some sewing notions in a box [lace, zippers,etc].I rummaged through it, picked out a  few and ask the lady how much it would be..she said "oh... you can have the whole box for $2.00" I couldn't say yes ..quick enough. Then, right beside it was a box with a lid on it.I opened up the lid and oh my Lord, it was filled with vintage ric rack, lace , seam bindings, 35 zippers. I ask about it, she said. You can have both boxes for $2.00. Wow!!

  Have you ever had TWO Christmas's in March.. I did.... I think someone needs to pinch me , and wake me up.ha


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Wow!  What  an amazing find!!  You lucky thing  ;-)
Thankyou..  It was so amazing, I saw the yard sale... and almost didnt stop..It was small and didnt look like much of anything.. So proud I did...
WOW!! That is fantastic!!
Thankyou Sarah.
That's incredible! Hurray for you! And hurray for all the fab garments that will now have awesome trim. A gal can never have too much ric rack.
 I agree Amy.. love ric rack.. and you know what was so funny.. On the outside of the box that was holding  the trimmings... She had written..'Rip Rap'.. Wonder if she called ric rack  that??? Love to find stuff some one else treasured..

Well.... have I just had the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly.. it's a toddler free weekend.. yay! (little miss is staying with nanna and pop)

Secondly.. last night on our way to the movies.. my husband pointed out a sign that said 'Vintage Fashion Fair'.. in our neighbouring suburb.

Thirdly, I was able to go on my own today and came home with all this! I am buzzing right now!

ok, so it wasn't all bargains.. but ignore the price tags, because I know how to do a deal! I got - 21 patterns, 3 home journals with included patterns, 6 pieces of fabric, a belt, 2 necklaces + some lace & decals. For a little over $100. Which is certainly not 'fill a bag for $5' .. but really how often does that happen! I'm pretty happy that I managed to find all this in just one morning and for what I think is a pretty reasonable price.

(For any Brisbane people - it's at the Mt Gravatt showgrounds, and is still on tomorrow - it's mainly clothing & accessories, but there are patterns and fabric in the mix too.)

You did hit the jackpot and I think the price was totally fair for so many yummy things! Thanks for sharing! So much fun!!
Oh... I think me and you are ready to hit the jackpot.haha.. I love all the patterns.. and the fabric and accessories. wow..I think $100 for really good price.. I wish I was there..ha. love those kind of sales.. Hope our next week ,turns out as good as this one,don't you?
Great haul - and all the more pleasurable because you could do it on your own!  We LOVE our children, but we LOVE it when we can do these things without them.  Looking foward to seeing your creations from your great purchases.


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