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    How do you feel about luck??? Well,   I have to tell you.. I am not a lucky person at all.But.. boy do I feel like God has blessed me  this past few weeks.

    I have NEVER won anything in my life.. When ever some thing  good happens..I am normally the last to  know and its tooo late ,when I fnd out..

   However.. I won the Oolong Crepe dress pattern and I nearly fell dead with a heart attack..ha I was so shocked!!   Wow!!

   Then,the first of this week, I told you how I found the hugh fabric sale at Hancock Fabric. This afternoon, I stopped by a didnt look like to much of anything..But to my surprise.. I saw some sewing notions in a box [lace, zippers,etc].I rummaged through it, picked out a  few and ask the lady how much it would be..she said "oh... you can have the whole box for $2.00" I couldn't say yes ..quick enough. Then, right beside it was a box with a lid on it.I opened up the lid and oh my Lord, it was filled with vintage ric rack, lace , seam bindings, 35 zippers. I ask about it, she said. You can have both boxes for $2.00. Wow!!

  Have you ever had TWO Christmas's in March.. I did.... I think someone needs to pinch me , and wake me up.ha


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you are the luckiest person this week Judy. I am super envious of this find... you lucky, lucky thing!

hi Casey, I just know..... I will wake up from this 'DREAM'. Ha

  I'm pretty happy...

All this for $2! Judy I think you need to change your name to Lady Luck! What a nice score...chaaching!
yea.yea..yea.. I just know ,it will end.this never happens to me.ha
Wow!  the sewing goddess is smiling on you this week!
 I love the sewing goddess.. Hope she continues,ha

omg I am so happy for you, how wonderful - you have red white and blue ribbon! That will be useful for the British week in May ;0)


This really is your week, it is your reward for being so lovely and supportive x

Thankyou Charolette.

   You know what I was thinking last night.. I wish  so bad, I would have gotten this red /white/blue trimming,before mailing you the package.. I would have sent it to you. Its tons of it.. you could have sent some to the other girls and it would have been great for your fabric meet]..Too late... Dont think it would ever get to you in time..

AAAAAAgh Judy this is just soooooooo amazing!!!!  I can not tell you how jelous I am, now everything you make will be coverd in ric rac ha ha. what a find.

Hi Charolette..

  I will be the Ric Rac queen.ha,ha,ha ha.. Can you see a fat ole grandma queen..hahahaha


Wow! Lucky you!
 I agree ,thankyou.


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