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This week is all about taking the time to finish that UFO (unfinished object) that has been put aside for better and brighter projects.

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That looks amazing - good luck with it!
Thank you!
oh yes! I adore this shirt!! Makes me want to travel :-)
Aw, thanks, Debi! It's working out so far (knock on wood).
This shirt is going to look so sharp when it's done. Can't wait to see it.
The fabric is awesome too, I look forward to seeing it all together!
I'm excited that I'll be able to participate in the weekly themed Sew-Alongs two weeks in a row.  For Christmas my mother-in-law gifted me with an unfinished, vibrant orange v-neck jacket.  She'd started the project in a tailoring class 20-30 years ago but never finished the jacket - now that's a lingering UFO!  I've been squeezing in a bit of sewing every night, and I now only have two more bound button holes and two more buttons to go.
Look forward to seeing it - sounds fascinating and an exciting thing to have to do!
Oh, this will be  great.. Probably the Oldest UFO project.Cant wait to see it..So proud you got the chance to finish it..
I was so excited for this weeks' theme - I knew exactly what project to tackle... It was originally a dress refashion gone wrong because I didn't pay attention to the pattern packet sizing. I thought it would be fine but it was too big and I made a mess of it after doing some horrendous sewing to try and fix it. Long story short, I did some bodice grading over the weekend and was really excited, thinking I'd managed to get it to fit really quite well. I made up the bodice in my actual fabric (I had to get new bodice fabric as I butchered the original pieces trying to "fix" it) last night and the fit doesn't seem so good anymore - something weird is going on with the bodice darts. I'm not sure if I'm going to have the time or the heart to figure it out and fix it in time for this challenge - it may have to go back to the UFO pile! Oh well, I am attempting the challenges but don't seem to be having high levels of success!
At least you are making the attempt. That is the main thing. Not all of my efforts are working either, but there is always improvement. You will do better next time.

Hi Amanda..

  Hi, I think your doing a wonderful job..[Your dress last week..was just wonderful..]. and the fact that you did all that work ,trying to salvage your too big garment.. Oh..thats fulfilling the challenge !!! to me...the redoing a fitting the WORSE  job in sewing..

   Don't worry about the unfinished UFO...Just move on to the next one..its coming soon.. We will be happy to see the next one..

   I give you an A ....on the challenge..


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