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This week is all about taking the time to finish that UFO (unfinished object) that has been put aside for better and brighter projects.

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My week is busy so this is the perfect theme for me this week. I have two pair of pants that just need hemming and one needs the button and buttonhole. Of course there is no guarantee that the darn things still fit... oh well, it's 200 squats time.
Will say a prayer that they fit... sure hate to think of you having to do 200 squats..yuk.. Happy Sewing..
I've got the same misgivings about my suit - it's all cut out and ready, just keeping my fingers crossed that it still fits!
As soon as I read the news letter I KNEW what dress I wanted to bring out of the UFO depths! I purchased fabric about 2 years ago to make a fab tiki dress to wear to Viva. I could never find a pattern (modern, retro, or vintage) that I wanted to use for the dress. So this weekend I just bit the bullet and cut apart 2 different patterns and fabricated some of it. I hope it is done by this week to show you guys! (Pics to come!)
Sounds   like a pretty dress.... Cant wait to see pictures..
Oh, Mena, you are so right. But I really have so many other UFOs around here that aren't sewing related. :(

I will see what I can do, though! I've got a cover for a baby boppy that I cut three years ago, that I've only just sewn together. I need to add some embellishments, so maybe I'll do that. Or there's the circle skirt that's too small for me that I want to refit and rezipper.

And the stack of t-shirts I want to redo. Come to think of it. All of my supplies are just UFOs. :P
I did actually get one of those other non-sewing UFOs finished, btw. I'll see if I can't get one that I can actually post on here finished too. :D
Eeep! I have about 5 UFOs :S I need to finish this shirt, especially.  I'm stumped on the bib instructions.

Sarah...I think the shirt will be a great finished item..looks nice.. But ,dont you just

hate ,when you get a pattern that has "bad instructions..or hard to understand.".

Cant wait to see what you come up with..

Thanks, Judy! I think the instructions are probably good, it's my poor brain that can't twist around to make sense of them. :)  I'm going to give it a really good go and see if it works. :)
I LOVE the fabric Sarah, best of luck, it's too nice not to finish it!
Thank you! I love the fabric, too.  I have been working on it this afternoon and I've gotten the collar and sleeves on.  It's really looking like a shirt! :D  Hopefully I can finish a UFO newsboy cap for my daughter, too.


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