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This week's challenge is all about spotlighting some landmark, treasure or element unique to your own city. Let's see something that is inspired by some local color.

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you are so funny...I love reading  your responses..even when I feel make me  laugh.. Anxious to see your "mothers nighties".lol

  Yep...we are learning and thats what all the fun is. I would be rich, if I had money for all the things I made that ended in the garbage.ha. Or ,the things that should have ended in the garbage  ,but I wore anyways.ha..


I really want to see it now!

Thanks... Hoping to post pictures tonight.. Ashma is a little better, maybe I can get out for pictures..

  Hey girls...I so feel your pain about  not 'HAVING time" to sew..It is so frustrating.. I remember that time, My kids were at home, and there was always cleaning, cooking, or homework and then working at the hospital on top of all that..I would be jealous of people who seemed to have time to do their hobbies... but... I promise... it will get better.. and those lovely garments you have been showing me..shows your doing a great job.. If it doesnt come together this week..It will next.. Will pray for a  few extra minutes..

Wow Judy, that's very poetic, I am soooo looking forward to seeing what you have made. Hope your asthma eases soon. xx
I think it is back to the drawing board for me!  I have had NO time to sew all week, today was the day - and my design just isn't coming together as planned - darn, darn.  Off to pick the girls up,  and have a rethink.  AHHHHHHH!
I don't know -  life getting in the way of sewing! outrageous!
I know this feeling. it's frustrating. Don't worry though it always seems to work out, there is always next week

hope you have a better day today, I'm with you and Charlotte P, I only have a short amount of time and if it doesn't work out.... argh!


happy sewing (if you get time!) x

Hi Debbie,

  hope your day goes better today.. And you find  a little more time.. Judy

Hi Debbie..hows it going?? Hope the design comes together for you..
Mine is going to be late this week - argh!  In the middle of renovations, and there are drop clothes thrown all over my sewing area while the room gets painted.  I'm consoling myself with the fact the room itself is turning a lovely sunny happy shade of yellow instead of the plain white it was before, so a few days forced absence from sewing will be worth it in the end!!  I've known exactly what I'm doing for days now though, so I wish they'd hurry up and finish the painting so I can get in there and make it!!!
Kat - you will have to take piccies of all your renos and share with us - I think you are amazing to even think about sewing while you have all that going on. 


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