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This week's challenge is all about spotlighting some landmark, treasure or element unique to your own city. Let's see something that is inspired by some local color.

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   I  am not sure what I am doing wrong  , but when I hit the tab that says "view this weeks challenge pictures " or the one that says "view last weeks challenge" ..I never see my dresses on there? Am I putting them in the wrong place?

 THis last time, I put them in the photo section..Help...not sure what to do? [told ya'll I am computer dumb,ha]/

   Thanks for your help.. Judy

Are you tagging  the pictures Judy? When you upload the pics and you fill in the details, you need to fill in the box with the code word from that week's challenge so that the computer knows your pic belongs to this week's group of photos, if that makes sense.


Mena puts the code word in the description of what we are doing on the sewing circle home page. This week it is "localcolor". The word goes in the box called tags.


Does that help? Hope it works out for you this week xx


 You are SOOOOO sweet and smart.. thankyou so much.. Nope... I wasn't doing that.. But when I do it for this weeks challenge.I will be sure to do that..

  I am reading about your fabric/pattern swap. I am getting sooooo jealous.ha.. I hope ya'll have loads of  fun..

 How's you garment coming? looking forward to seeing it. Judy

Well, I have cut out fabric Judy, but that's all! How about you? Much progress?


I have decided to make a top this week after all ;0)


Hope you are feeling inspired x

Hi Charlotte - I've cut mine out too!  I'm doing a skirt this time - it's difficult to think of some inspiration in the Fens isn't it!
Cant wait to see your skirt.. Judy

Yes! Very difficult! I'm not a flat sort of girl ;0)


Looking forward to seeing your idea....

 Hey Charolette and Marqurette,

   I know I'm dumb.. but just gotta ask??? what does "flat sort of girl" mean?

 I have read it and read it and keep wondering ,"what??" so, I gotta ask.. ha Judy

Hi Charolette, I have finished my dress.. but  I got sick with this ole asthma, and I havn't  been able to get it gave me more time to sew..YEA!!

     I started with one inspiration and ended with  a second inspiration.  I was looking out the window ,wishing for spring. thought about all the blooming fruit trees in my yard, & our college has beautiful flowering trees. I had a piece of pink flowered fabric that just looked like  the that was my inspiration.. Then when passing by the college.It was such a beautiful old college . Started by  a man with several daughters and it started as an all girls and preachers school.It just recently changed to co-ed. So, I thought ,this vintage dress looks like a girl headed to college [or in my picture to old teacher,ha]. Happy Sewing.Judy Can't wait to see your blouse..

Charlotte, Marguerite & Judy, I'm just busting to see your creations now!

Hi Casey..

  Praying the rain will I can go to the college and get a picture..oooh..I will be so proud to see sunshine and pretty weather. Judy

Ha ha, be careful what you wish for Casey, at the moment my creation looks like it was inspired by one of my mother's nighties...... erm...... I am going to finish it anyway! Fingers crossed it works out, I am learning anyway x


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