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This week's challenge is all about spotlighting some landmark, treasure or element unique to your own city. Let's see something that is inspired by some local color.

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Sounds very exciting, yes we would love to see it when its done.
Well as you are normally first one up I think you can cut yourself some slack this week... hope the painting looks lovely and you get back to the sewing v soon x

Kat... oooh that sunny yellow room sounds so nice.. It has been raining and cold here and the sound of nice.. We will be happy to see your finished outcome, even if its late.. Still will be "just as pretty". Judy

Hi Judy - that sounds like my old school, but it's still a girl's school. I don't get to see it much anymore though, as it's on the other side of the country ... among the hills ... yes Charlotte, I'm not a flat sort of girl either! Skirt is progressing ... pic at the weekend! (You'll have to hang in there 'til then Casey!)


   Yes, sounds like mine too.. Such a beautiful college.. I got my daughter to  go by there and take some pictures for me..[I'm still battling this ole asthma ,so going outside to get pictures ,,,just isnt going to happen.. I so wanted to take pictures  of me in the dress , at the college.. oh well, Guess it will just have to be pictures inside.yuk!!!!] Will get them posted tonight.

  Has anyone  started thinking about next weeks challenge?? Will be much easier.. Dont you think?  Happy Sewing..

Hope you get well soon Judy!

How horrible for you, hope the asthma clears soon xxx


I have a nice piece of blue and green fabric but as the thing I have made this week is hideous I will go for an easy pattern next week!



Thanks Charolette,

 thankyou..I am much great improvement.

 Well.I finally found  some fabric with green in it [I apprarently dont like green and just

dont buy it, Coz I didnt have any ,in my stash, I finally found a peice of yellow and green

polka that will be the fabric.. I too.. think I will do a simple top or something.

 My dress last week ,wasnt so bad..but Lord... I didnt think I would ever finish putting

all those darn buttons on there,ha

    I bet yours for this week isnt 'Hideous".. We are always our own worse critics. But I understand,when you are the one battling  one of those bad gets you ready to say an ugly word or two[even though we know better,ha]..

   Have a good day..

Hi Judy, glad you're feeling better now.  Just to answer your question about not being a 'flat sort of girl', I'll try and take a photograph when I'm out on my 'photoshoot' tomorrow to show you just what it's like living here in the Norfolk Fens!  Honestly ... you wouldn't believe it ... the only thing I can liken it to is something like what I would imagine the Great Plains to look like.  In some places, you can see miles and miles of nothing but flat fields.  I'm just putting the finishing touches to my Fenland Skirt, so I promise some piccies tomorrow!  
tee hee, although the great plains in my imagination have alot more bison and alot less cabbages Diane! (this is a view mostly gained from watching dances With Wolves, I'll grant you), so may not be accurate.....

Hey ..look forward to  the pictures.. and I will learn what a "a flat sort of girl is".ha

  Cant wait to see the Fenland skirt..


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