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We're tackling the color green this week. Let's see your finest green creations in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Remember to tag your photos "goinggreen"

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I've only just cut out the paper pattern pieces and I'm off gadding about in London at 'Stitch and Craft' tomorrow! Maybe I'll get inspired and make a good start on Friday!!
I've got a just a couple seams and a hem left to go on my green rayon jersey dress! I'm excited to get it done so I have something to post!
looking forward to seeing it!

I can't believe it but I actually have a dress this week! As embarrassing as it is to admit, it has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! I got so discouraged and didn't think I was ever going to pull it off but thanks to the incredible support and expertise of Casey Sew, I made my first dress using "proper" grading techniques. I added 2" to the waist and hips and reduced 1" from the bust. Sounds so simple? I have a pile of about 9 discarded attempts at pattern pieces and about 6 discarded bodice muslins! I called this dress the "Skills Tester" dress because it really tested me and resulted in my learning new skills (grading and lining a bodice properly!). I was thinking of calling it the "Stalking Casey Sew" dress... because I did kind of email stalk her seeking help and advice! Thanks so much Casey, you're a gem. I'm not a fan of the pleated cummerbund thing - don't think I'll wear it again. I rushed it, didn't follow the instructions and it didn't end well - my folds and sewing along the lines are pretty wonky. The colours were inspired by my bridesmaid dresses (jealously counts as inspiration doesn't it?). The pattern is Simplicity 2135. Apologies for the photos - it was an impressive combination of bad weather, bad lighting and only having a mobile phone camera available!


You have done a really amazing job Amanda.. you should be so proud of yourself. Not only did you learn how to grade, but you learnt how to do an uneven grade, and still keep all your darts and pleats in line! ...and in only one week! I was very happy to help.  May there be many more successes like this!
Very nice!  Well done with the grading - it looks like it fits you really well, and must have been tricky with all those details around the waist!
It sure was! My victory moment of getting the bodice right was short lived when I realised I somehow had to get my modified bodice darts to match with the pleats at the front and the darts at the back of the modified skirt. By some miracle I managed to match them all exactly but the fabric shifted 2-3 mm on one or two of the darts in the actual sewing...but by that stage, I just didn't care anymore! I justified this poor finishing decision with the fact that it will always be covered by a belt :)
I love belts for just that reason!  In my case, they often cover up the waistline where the two seams haven't quite met up when I put the zipper in.  *sigh*


  I am so proud of you.. You mastered that grading skill , and it shows up in this dress.I didnt do quite as well as you,.... I layed my grading project aside.... tooo frustrating.ha But, Now that I see you accomplished it..I will try again.

  that is so sweet of Casey to help you..She is so nice.

It looks great and the shape really suits you!
Here's mine - better late than never!  More details in my photo caption. 
Beautiful.. Looks so good on you.


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