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We're tackling the color green this week. Let's see your finest green creations in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Remember to tag your photos "goinggreen"

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I stepped out of my comfort zone this week.. and have been punished accordingly! Feeling like a very green sack of irish potatoes!! darn. Well.. I will style it up as best as I can and share with you all soon!

Well............ You mayhave stepped out of the comfort zone...but......... you outdid yourself..Beautiful dress. I would like to have  ALOT of potatoe sacks if they look like that.ha  happy sewing.
Thanks Judy.. you are such a sweetheart!

Oooh I do have two lots of awesome green fabric which would fit this week's theme. I have plans for skirts for both of them but I thought I'd trial run the new pattern on a different fabric first to get fit right.


Seems to be going okay at the moment - I am still struggling with removing excess fabric from the front of a skirt. I don't have this problem with my RTW vintage skirts/dresses so I don't know why the patterns from the same era have so much extra in that spot when the waists fit good.


I might post that bit in another thread though! Here are the green fabrics I have. The ones on the right which are destined to become skirts.

And these:

The one on the right is a quilting cotton which I have ideas for but it's the most I've ever paid for a fabric so I'm a little scared of cutting into it until my skills are better! It's fairly stiff so I want to make a very full, pleated 50's dress out of it!

Beautiful it..

Hi I'm new!  I just found Sew Weekly via Burda so I hope I'm playing along right :)  So happy to have found another fabulous sewing community!


I tagged my St. Patty's Day dress goinggreen so I hope they're all visable now





I'm loving this challenge!  Turns out I have quite a lot of green fabrics in my stash, so will be deciding today which one to use.  They're all so different though, it'll be a hard choice!  Bright green, dark green, olive green, mint green with cupcakes all over it, pale green with pink flowers.....  Most are likely to end up being dresses at some stage in the future anyway!

uuump....yummpy cupcakes in mint green...sounds beautiful already..cant wait to see your dress, and which one you choose?

   I havent even started yet... tooo many interuptions this week.ha..

how's your house coming?Happy Sewing

so glad someone else likes green ! strangley enough although I think of it being my fav colour I don't have a good stash!
I'm really, really REALLY trying to get my dress done in time for this week! My absence from the challenges of late is because I decided to make sure I made dresses that actually fit me (after I had to give away my Valentine's theme dress!). Problem is, I don't have any skills in pattern grading and my body isn't very proportional. Due to the super kind, amazing, incredible assistance and guidance of Casey Sew (I kind of email stalked her), I've gotten to the point where I have pattern pieces that vaguely fit me - now I just have to figure out lining! I've been feeling really discouraged at my lack of sewing success, I really hope I can pull this dress off in time!

Hi Amanda,


 Dont be discouraged.. If you get your "green" done late..that's ok..I will enjoy seeing it late..  I too hate the fitting issue..even though, I have sewed for years.. I am  not good at the grading patterns. I was always blessed that  the patterns fit me pretty well, with very few adjustments..Now...."old age" and toooo many cookies... that isnt the case.. So, I am trying to learn to fit patterns..very time consuming. yuk...

  Hang in there..It will get better.. looking forward to seeing your dress  [even if its late.thats ok..]

I'm with you with all this pattern grading. So far most of my clothes have been easy and loose fitting, but now I'm trying to move on and I'm feeling your pain !!


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