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We're tackling the color green this week. Let's see your finest green creations in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Remember to tag your photos "goinggreen"

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good job Diane - it's a great style x
Wow! This looks great! I'm in awe of how good the points are on your horizontal contrast band! I did a contrast band on a sweetheart neckline dress and trying to get the point looking pointy and not all flat or weird looking just about did my head in. I settled in the end for almost pointy and a little weird looking - it gave my seam ripper a work out! I love the fabric!
Lovely!  Gorgeous fabric, and it looks fantastic made up in this style with the solid green trim.  :-)
@ Amanda You look amazing and you have done a fantastic job. The fit is great. Clever clever you x
Hi Amanda

I 'cheated' a bit with the pointy horizontal band and didn't follow the pattern. I lay the piece on top of the two other pieces it attaches to, turned under the raw edges and then top stitched the whole lot, rather than trying to make it work from the wrong side! It was much easier - I tried the 'correct' way first of all and had to undo it as it looked so awful!
Thanks Judy!
Thanks Charlott, Amanda and Kat!


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